Ashava The Pestilent

ashava the pestilent boss diablo 4 wiki guide
Location Caen Adar
Weakness ???
Reward ???

Ashava The Pestilent is a World Boss in Diablo 4. Ashava The Pestilent is located at Caen Adar north of Corbach. Bosses are special Enemies that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment.


Ashava The Pestilent Location & Information

  • Location: Can be found at Caen Adar north of Corbach. [Map Link]
  • Defeating this boss will complete the World Event Ashava The Pestilent
  • This boss is optional



Ashava The Pestilent Rewards

  • Rewards granted by defeating this boss.



Ashava The Pestilent Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

Ashava The Pestilent is a World Boss that requires the cooperation of many players to be defeated. Ashava will mostly perform melee attacks except for the Poison Breath and the Arm Blades attack. When Ashava becomes staggered one of his arm blades will break. If both arm blades are removed this way, Ashava will lose the ability to perform the arm blade attack providing more freedom for ranged Heroes.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Bite: Ashava will bite anyone that is standing in front dealing high damage. Unless you are playing as a tank, it is advisable to stay away from Ashava to avoid this attack.
Smash Attack: Ashava will lift it's right hand and smash the ground in front dealing AoE damage Dodge either left or right when you see Ashava raising its hand to avoid the attack.
Leap Attack: Ashava will leap to reach ranged casters and attack them Try to use dodge to avoid the leap and then run away to a safe distance before attacking again.
Poison Breath: Ashava's rib cage will glow green and then it will spit venom from its mouth. Poison patchs will remain in the ground dealing poison damage As soon as you see the rib cage becoming green run either left or right to avoid the attack. Avoid the poison patches on the ground.
Arm Blades Attack: Ashava will perform a 360º attack with its arm blades. This attack has long reach and deals high damage. Wait until the arm blades are near you and then perform a dodge to avoid the damage.



Ashava The Pestilent Lore

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Ashava The Pestilent Notes & Trivia

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Ashava The Pestilent Image Gallery

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