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Aspect of Exposed Flesh

Legendary Aspect

Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to generate [30-50] Essence when hitting a Vulnerable enemy with your Bone Skills.

Allowed Item Types:

Binds to Account on Pickup

Aspect of Exposed Flesh is a Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4. Aspect of Exposed Flesh improves the Necromancer's resource management by giving them a chance to generate Essence when hitting a vulnerable enemy with their Bone Skills. This aspect adds an element of luck to the Necromancer's abilities, providing them with a chance to generate more Essence and continue to use their powerful skills. Aspect of Exposed Flesh is a resource Legendary Aspect and can be used by the Necromancer class.


Diablo 4 Aspect of Exposed Flesh Information

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to generate [30-50] Essence when hitting a Vulnerable enemy with your Bone Skills.
  • Type: Resource
  • Can be used by the Necromancer class 


How to get Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4

Aspect of Exposed Flesh can be obtained by:

  • Extracting it from a Legendary Item: By looting a Legendary item, you can extract the Legendary Aspect from it at the cost of sacrificing the item. It has only one use, as once you imprint it, you cannot use it again until you obtain it again from another Legendary item.


Diablo 4 Aspect of Exposed Flesh Notes & Tips

  • There are 5 different types of Legendary Aspects: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Resource or Mobility, which can be imprinted into Rare items, upgrading them to Legendary ones by The Occultist.
  • Other Notes & Tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      Add to last message. I had another one drop today. I have now got 3, first one was crapy, 34 essence, second one 46 essence and today got 42 essence. I save this last one for some uber 100 lvl ring.

      • Anonymous

        Believe or nor, i got yeasterday the one that gave 32 essence on 10% change(+ my change to hit bonuses) today i got the same thing but way better, 10+% change to get 46 essence, I use in my rings this and the one that gives 28 essence if your health drops 25%, Im playing bone-blood-orb necromancer and im always full of essence. I used to have that aspect that gave 20 essence if your health was full, but got better ring and had to trade it off. If i get that again(instead the dungeon 10 essence one) i might use it again.

        I must say, its way better than i ever imagined, non-stop essence.

        • Anonymous

          Might be a stupid question, but all these "lucky hit:change to do this and that" need an item that gives as a stat "increases change for lucky hit by xx"?

          because i used to have zero lucky hit and decrepafy CD proc never seemed to proc,now i have item with increased lucky hit change and it seems to work.

          • Anonymous

            Like others in the comments, I've been rolling on this since I started my character, now at level 90, still not a single drop.

            • Anonymous

              Target farming rings, and have gotten over 200 legendary rings and have yet to see this drop. Final thing i want in my build and i cannot get it no matter what. Im lvl 87........

              • Anonymous

                Must have a near zero drop rate, rolling for this since creating a necro in early access and haven't seen it once. No idea how effective it even is in practice.

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