Barbarian Brawling Skills in Diablo 4 are Skills that don't involve a weapon, but rather rely on the brute strength of the Barbarian to deal damage to enemies. They often involve mobility in some way, either by charging forward or leaping into the air. Nearly all of the Barbarian Brawling Skills have a Cooldown, so you cannot use most of them in rapid succession. There are 4 Brawling Skills in Diablo IV and these are: Kick, War Cry, Leap, and Charge. Below you can see what each of these Barbarian Brawling Skills do and how long their Cooldowns are.


Barbarian Brawling Skills




Recharge: 20 seconds
Kick an enemy for X damage and knock them backwards. On collision, enemies in the area take an additional Y damage.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


war-cry-brawling-barbarian-skill-diablo-4-wiki-guideWar Cry


Generate: 11 Fury
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Bellow a mighty war cry. You and nearby allies deal X% increased damage per nearby enemy for 10 seconds, up to 50%.




Cooldown: 15 seconds
Leap forward and slam downward, dealing X damage on impact.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage




Rush forward and push enemies with you, then swing through them for X damage.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


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