Barbarian Defensive Skills in Diablo 4 help to keep the Barbarian alive by reducing damage, increasing movement speed, and stunning enemies. Some Barbarian Defensive Skills generate Fury, and others do not, but all Barbarian Defensive Skills have a Cooldown. This means that they cannot be used at will, and timing is crucial to the success of their use. There are 4 Barbarian Defensive Skills in Diabo IV, and these are: Rallying Cry, Ground Stomp, Undying Rage, and Challenging Shout. Below you can see what each of these Barbarian Defensive Skills do and how long their Cooldowns are.


Barbarian Defensive Skills


rallying-cry-defensive-barbarian-skill-diablo-4-wiki-guideRallying Cry


Generate: 10 Fury
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Bellow a rallying cry, granting all allies Unstoppable, 15% increased movement speed, and 15% reduced damage taken for 6 seconds.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


ground-stomp-defensive-barbarian-skill-diablo-4-wiki-guideGround Stomp


Generate: 6 Fury
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Smash the ground, stunning nearby enemies for 4 seconds.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


undying-rage-defensive-barbarian-skill-diablo-4-wiki-guideUndying Rage


Passive: When you take fatal damage, you have 5 seconds to fight for your life before you die. Killing an enemy in time will revive and heal you for X.
This effect can only occur once every 2.9 minutes.
This is a passive only effect.


challenging-shout-defensive-barbarian-skill-diablo-4-wiki-guideChallenging Shout


Cooldown: 25 seconds
Fortify yourself for X and taunt nearby enemies for 8 seconds. During this time you generate 5 additional Fury when hit.


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