Barbarian Talents in Diablo 4 refers to Character Progression by investing Talent Points into the Barbarian Talent Trees which unlocks passive abilities in Diablo 4. There are 2 branches in the Barbarian Talents Tree being: Barbarian Left Talent Tree and Barbarian Right Talent Tree. Each tree provides different oriented talents so players are advised to see what trees benefit their builds before investing points into them.

All Barbarian Talents in Diablo 4


Barbarian Left Talent Tree in Diablo 4 are passive abilities focused on the Proc Chance abilities of the Barbarian. There are 12 Barbarian Left Talents: Endless Fury, Swiftness, Defy Pain, Blood Thirst, Fierce Brawler, Quick Impulse, Slaying Strike, Cut to the Bone, Battle Frenzy, Momentum, Gushing Wounds, Unstoppable Froce. Each talent can be upgraded up to level 5 increasing their effectiveness. Below you can see a list of all Barbarian Left Talents:


Barbarian Left Talent Tree

endless-fury-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideEndless Fury


Fury generation is increased by X%.



Movement speed is increased by X%.

defy-pain-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideDefy Pain


When you evade, you gain X% damage reduction for 1 second.

blood-thirst-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideBlood Thirst


Enemies bleed for X% of your critical strike damage over 5 seconds.

fierce-brawler-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideFierce Brawler


Attack speed is increased by X% while using one-handed weapons.
Critical strike damage is increased by X% while using two-handed weapons.

quick-impulses-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideQuick Impulses


While moving, your damage reduction is increased by X%.

slaying-strike-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideSlaying Stirke


Damage is increased by X% against enemies below 30% life.

cut-to-the-bone-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideCut to the Bone


Stunning an enemy increases bleeding on them by X% for 3 seconds.

battle-frenzy-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideBattle Frenzy


Using a Brawling skill grants Bersek for X seconds.



Hit Effect: Up to a 20% chance to generate X fury.

gushing-wounds-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideGushing Wounds


Bleeding effects deal X% more damage.

unstoppable-force-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideUnstoppable Force


Berserking grants Unstoppable and X% increased damage.


Barbarian Right Talent Tree in Diablo 4 are passive abilities focused on the Skills of the Barbarian. There are 12 Barbarian Right Talents: Endurance, Martial Vigor, Booming Voice, Thick Skin, Concussion, Master of Arms, Slam, Guttural Yell, Close Quarter Combatant, Combat Prowess, Unbridled Rage, Walking Arsenal. Each talent can be upgraded up to level 5 increasing their effectiveness. Below you can see a list of all Barbarian Right Talents:


Barbarian Right Talent Tree



While out of combat, gain X% life per second.

martial-vigor-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideMartial Vigor


Damage reduction is increased by X%.

booming-voice-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideBooming Voice


Shout durations are increased by X%.

thick-skin-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideThick Skin


Non-Physical damage reduction is increased by X%.



Enemies struck by your Brawling skills are slowed by X% for 5 seconds.

master-of-arms-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideMaster of Arms


After using your Weapon Mastery Skill, your next Fury skill is free and deals X% increased damage.



Hit Effect: Up to a X% chance to knock down enemies.

guttural-yell-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideGuttural Yell


Your shouts cause enemies to deal X% less damage for 5 seconds.

close-quarters-combatant-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideClose Quarters Combatant


You deal X% increased damage to enemies within melee range, but take X% increased damage from enemies outside melee range.

combat-prowess-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideCombat Prowess


Damage increased by X% against immobilized, stunned, or slowed enemies.

unbridled-rage-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideUnbridled Rage


Fury Skills deal X% increased damage, but cost X% more.

walking-arsenal-barbarian-talent-diablo-4-wiki-guideWalking Arsenal


Using a different weapon increases your damage by X% for X seconds, up to X%.


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