Character Creation in Diablo 4 is part of the initial stages of the game that offers customization options when creating the character. The game offers an expansive customization that allows players to customize how their characters will look throughout the entirety of the game, not including armor and other gear. Players will be able to choose their class, their gender, and then choose more intricate styles for their characters, including their Facial and Body features, Hair features, and extra general Accessories.

Players will be able to eventually combine their customized character with the Wardrobe and Transmogs section in the game to fully change their character's appearance. This feature allows your gear to look like other gear so that you can be able to mix and match to ultimately create more aesthetic creations as you please, without harming any of your offensive or defensive capabilities.

Character Creation in Diablo 4 will occur after the epic cutscene that starts the story campaign. Players will first choose the right class for them. There are five Classes to choose from, each with its own distinct general look and theme, in accordance with their class' playstyle and theme. After choosing your class, you can pick a Body Type or gender and then further customize your character.

How Many Character Slots Are There in Diablo 4?

As of right now, players are able to create a maximum of then different characters. In the previous title, Diablo 3, players were also only able to create a total of ten characters. This was only increased by two character slots, for a total of twelve maximum number of created characters, after the release of the Diablo 3 expansion Reaper of Souls. While there are no indications whatsoever of any such increase in character slots in any future patches so far, the general inclination of the player community seems to desire more character slots, possibly when the new Season begins.

How Many Classes Are There in Diablo 4?

There are five Classes in Diablo 4 Each of them offers distinct playstyles and lends itself to unique Body Types, which can inform how the player can customize their character. Furthermore, each class has further divisions in terms of which type of that class players would like their character to be, in terms of the different class Builds, which can also play into how players would like to customize their character's appearance. 

If you'd like to get an overview of the classes to get a better sense of which class you can start with, check out our Open Class Guide:

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Do Classes Have Unique Equipment?

The game provides several class-specific Equipment. These are gear that cannot be used by any other classes.  See WeaponsArmor, and Mounts for details on customization options, including Legendaries and Sets. There are also Legendary Aspects specific to each class that players can apply to their Equipment, that cannot be applied to any other classes. That being said, the game can be flexible especially in its earlier parts, allowing lots of gear that can be equipped by multiple classes.


What Is The Best Class?

All Classes are viable for the game, and you can select each based on your playstyle and adapt your Build for performance. Each of the Classes brings with it different ways to get through even the most difficult content in the game, with varying styles to choose from, depending on which Skills the player chooses to invest in, and eventually which tiles the player chooses to spend Paragon Points on. For a more in-depth look at what each class can build into towards Endgame so you can inform how you customize your character, check out our Endgame Classes Guide:

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Diablo 4 Character Creation

What type of Customization Options are there?

After choosing a class, players will be choosing their Body Type, which in this game is just the desired gender.  Each class will have its own set of aesthetic options that will be available for both genders. It's important to note that the character's build in terms of the physical body's appearance - height, weight, muscular and skeletal structure - is not customizable, but will depend on which class the player chooses. Their appearances will reflect the theme of their classes and the type of playstyle and power they wield. For example, magic-dependent Necromancers have a bit more of a thin or gaunt physical build, compared to the Barbarian whose robust build reflects the many Weapons it has to carry all the time. Rogues appear as more compact characters, able to be swift and light on their feet, compared to the largely-built Druids who are sustained and empowered by the whole of nature itself. As such, and as previously mentioned, the sizes for Character Creation depend wholly on the class that players decide to choose.

After choosing the class and gender, players will have a selection of eight presets to choose from which they can click Finalize on to decide to use. Otherwise, players can instead choose Customize to be able to make adjustments to the presets. These customizations include three major sections: Face & Body, Hair, and Accessories. Note that the presets don't limit your choices in any way. All customization choices will still be present regardless of which preset the players decide to choose. The presets only serve to represent pre-created choices for customization and to express the range in which players can customize their desired characters.


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Diablo 4 Character Presets

Barbarian Presets

barbarian presets character creation diablo 4 wiki guide

Rogue Presets

rogue presets character creation diablo 4 wiki guide

Druid Presets

druid presets character creation diablo 4 wiki guide


Sorceress Presets

sorcerer presets character creation diablo 4 wiki guide

Necromancer Presets

necromancer presets character creation diablo 4 wiki guide


Face and Body Customization in D4

Face & Body Customization will mainly be about changing your facial and body appearance. Facial customization will not be including elements like shadows and color. There will be four different face presets to choose from for each gender under each class. As the physical build is fixed depending on your class and gender, body customization mainly focuses on your character's skin color. There are a whopping thirty-one colors and skin tones to choose from in this regard, maximizing the variety in which players can express themselves. Lastly, players will be able to choose their character's eye color. There's a total of twelve eye color presets to choose from, with the exception of the Necromancer who has thirteen - with an additional color option that shows their inclination to the supernatural very well.

Hair Customization in Diablo 4

Hair Customization will mainly be about changing your character's hairstyle. There will be eleven different hairstyle presets to choose from for each gender under each class, with options for both long and short hair for either gender. Along with this, there are eleven forms of facial hair to choose from as well, including the option to not have any at all. Finally, there are also thirty-one hair colors to choose from, including gradient styles where your character's hair can have different colors at the same time, in different shades. It's important to note that there are no other choices to select hair color for other parts of the face separately, so the color you choose will inform the color for eyebrows and the facial hairstyle you choose.


Accessories Customization in Diablo 4

Accessories Customization will mainly be about cosmetic options for the player's character. Depending on which general preset the player chose from the eight available, they'd have noticed during the Face & Body Customization that there might already be some cosmetic add-ons on their character's face, but they can change or remove that during this section of Character Creation. Players will first have the option to select from fourteen makeup options, including the option to have no makeup at all. Makeup will cover only the face of their character. Next, players will have the option to choose from thirty-three different sets of earrings, including the option to not have any earrings, as their character's jewelry accessory. These range from actual jewelry, containing visible gems and crystals or the like, to more of the tribal type of earrings, showing off tusks, teeth, or other things found naturally in the wild. Next up will be Markings, which will cover the body this time, and players will have twenty-four different options to choose from, including the option to not have any at all. Lastly, the player can choose what color they'd want these body markings. The choices of colors for body markings range from thirteen different colors, including the default black color.

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