Clans in Diablo 4 are a way to join forces with other players and engage in PVE and PVP. The game's Clan system offers a great easy way to group up and have your friends and acquaintances in one place, ready to tackle all the different content that the massive game has. Like in most games, the game offers different ways to express your group and make your group stand up to perhaps attract other players into joining your Clan. This page will detail everything about Clans, including how to create one, join one, and the benefits of being part of one.


Clans In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 offers players the opportunity to form clans, which are groups of players who band together to battle demons. Just like in previous games in the franchise, there are many ways to customize and tailor your clan to fit your playstyle, and how you'd like your group to be known or shown. There are no level requirements or fees, in-game Currencies, Shop currency, or otherwise, associated with creating your own clan, so players can choose to either start a Clan as early as they want and allow it to grow along with their characters in the game, or build up some knowledge and levels first before creating one, to be better able to guide new recruits. In line with this, joining Clans might also be one of the best ways to start a game, allowing players the avenue to safely ask questions and request help whenever they need it.


How to Create a Clan in Diablo 4

Creating a Clan in Diablo 4 is an easy and straightforward process. To get started, players simply need to access the Clan Tab, which for keyboard players means pressing the "N" button. From here, you can either search for existing clans to join or create your own by selecting the "Create Clan" option. Again, this can be done as soon as players have control over their characters at the start of the game, at no cost and with no requirements. After choosing to create a Clan, players will just have to accomplish a form, not unlike an organizational form in real life, which will have items that the game will require and others that are optional.


  • Clan Name - What the clan will be called. This can be up to twenty-four characters long.
  • Clan Tags - This will be what will appear beside your clan members' names in the overworld. This can be up to six characters long.

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  • Clan Description - Describe the purpose or goal of your Clan. Otherwise, you can put in whatever you'd like that might draw attention or show people what accurately describes your group.
  • Language - Select a desired language for your Clan.
  • Labels - Pick up to five labels that best describe the majority of your clan's level of activity or what type of activities your Clan revolves around. The labels to choose from are Casual, Hardcore, PvE, PvP, Leveling, and Social. Naturally, your Clan doesn't have to follow this strictly, but about this more as someone looking for a Clan. Do you need help leveling a character? Are you looking for people who can commit to raids on a regular schedule? Other players will be able to see your Clan's label and make their choices accordingly.


How to Join a Clan in Diablo 4

If you're not interested in creating your own clan, you can search for existing ones to join. To do this, open the Clan Tab and select "Join a Clan" instead. Here, you can search for clans and view any invites or requests you have received.

To search for a clan, click "Search Clans" and you'll be prompted to type in the name of a known clan or select your preferred language and label for a general search. These labels, similar to how you can choose them for creating your own clan, will reflect what you're looking to get out of joining a Clan. After you hit "Search Clans", a list of results will appear on the left-hand side. Clicking on a clan will show you more information on the right panel, including the clan name, tag, leader, total members, creation date, and heraldry. If you find a clan that interests you, click the "Request to Join" button and wait for the clan leader or officers to accept your request. Note that you can only have a total of five pending requests to join a Clan at a time.


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Clan Features and Customizations in Diablo 4

After creating your clan, you will land on the Clan's homepage, on the Overview tab by default. Here you'll be able to see all the important details regarding your Clan. As with Diablo 3, clans in Diablo 4 can accommodate up to 150 members, and all characters in your account (both Softcore and Hardcore) are included in the clan. You can see all the members of the Clan in the Roster list on the right-hand side. By clicking your name in the Roster list, you can change your availability, as you would in a messaging application, to show whether you're AFK, don't want to be deserved, available and ready to game, or even just invisible so the others don't know that you're online. Clicking on other members will allow you to see their Profile, giving you a quick overview of their gear, any Titles equipped, their Ranks, as well as the option to Promote or Demote them accordingly, and the option to ban any members as well if needed. Above that will be the Join Requests tab where you can see any invites you've made for players to join the Clan, as well as requests from people who have asked to join.

Back to your Clan's Overview tab, you will also see the set Message of the Day, and the Clan's newsfeed, which essentially lists any member's achievements in the game in real-time, as well as any changes made to Clan settings by anyone with enough permission. Further on the left-hand side will show your Clan's Heraldy, which is one of the bigger ways you can express yourselves as a group. At the bottom, you'll be able to see who made changes to it last. Down below will be the Voice button which will allow you to activate the game's built-in voice chat and switch it between your Party, Clan, or no voice chat. Clicking on Manage Clan above that will allow you to customize your Clan's Settings.


Clan Summary Settings in Diablo 4

This tab will allow you to customize many of the things shown in the Overview of your Clan's main page. By default, your Clain's Visibility is set to public and can be seen by others in the results of their search. You can change this to Private if you'd like to temporarily stop any voluntary requests to join. You can also change your Clan's Description, Language, and Labels here that you've set before, as well as provide more details in the Clan Information section if you'd like, which is a great place to add links to your clan's social media, Discord, or website. This tab is also where you can change your Message of the Day, which all your members will see anytime they visit the main page, to keep your members informed of your Clan's daily goals and activities. Lastly, the option to Leave your Clan or Disband your Clan is also here, if you find yourself wanting to do so for whatever reason.  All in all, these customization options allow you to tailor your clan to fit your needs and create a unique experience for your members.

In Diablo 4, you have the option to customize your clan's heraldry, which is similar to character banners in Diablo 3. This can be done through the Clan Heraldry section of the clan settings, where you can select a banner shape and texture, add symbols to make it unique, and apply dye to finish the look.

In addition to customizing your heraldry, the Clan Settings also provide a way to manage banned members. A simple list displays each banned member's Player ID and Ban Date. If needed, there is also a button to disband the clan.

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Clan Permissions Settings in Diablo 4

This tab will allow you to customize what your members can or cannot do in terms of changing anything about your Clan. Permissions are given per rank, with four ranks that can be assigned to players - Recruit, Member, Officer, and Leader. The following are the Permissions you can grant, and which ranks you have the option to grant them to:

  • Clan Permission - Recruit, Member, Officer, or Leader
  • Set Message of the Day - Officer or Leader
  • Process Clan Applications - Officer or Leader
  • Promote Members - Officer or Leader
  • Demote Members - Officer or Leader
  • Remove Members - Member, Officer, or Leader
  • Ban and Unban Members - Officer or Leader
  • Invite New Members - Recruit, Member, Officer, or Leader
  • Invite New Members - Recruit, Member, Officer, or Leader
  • Mute Members - Member, Officer, or Leader


Bans Settings in Diablo 4

The Bans tab will show your Clab Ban List, providing a way to manage any banned members. The list will display the banned members' Player ID and the exact date when they received the ban hammer. If you've made any mistakes in this regard, this will also be the way to fix them.


Clan Heraldry Settings in Diablo 4

In this tab, you have the option to customize your Clan's Heraldry, which is similar to character banners in Diablo 3. For customizing Heraldry, you can select a Base, add Symbols to make it unique, and apply Dye to finish the look. For the base, the banner shape will focus on the main shape of your Heraldry, which will be your canvass for everything else you can customize. It focuses on the finish or bottom part of your Heraldry and will have ten shapes for you to choose from. Textile pattern will focus on how you'd like textiles distributed on your Heraldry, which gives you ten options to consider. For example in terms of Dye, this will inform the distribution of colors on it, whether you liked it split but with special shapes, divided into four with the top right and bottom left parts having the same textile/color, etc. Embroidery is a design embedded onto your canvass, so to speak, and will give you twelve options to choose from, including the option to not have one. Finally, trim will focus on designs on the sides of your banner, giving you ten options to choose from, including the option to not have any.

Symbols will focus on additional designs that are, as the name says, more of a singular image if you'd like to put any from the selection the game gives. Symbol layout will give you five choices of layouts for how you'd like two to five symbols to be placed around your Heraldry. There are thirty-one different symbols to choose from, and each of the two to five symbols you'd like placed can be different. If you'd like just one or two symbols to be placed in a three-symbol layout for example, there's also an option to have no symbol for each spot in the layout.

Finally, Dye will focus on choosing colors for your Heraldry. You'll be able to choose from fifteen different shades of colors for each section of your banner - its primary color, secondary color, the color of any trims, the colors of any symbols, and the color for its embroidery design, if any, with an option to even randomize the colors if you need some fresh new ideas.



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