Controls for Diablo 4 are the input methods for the player to interact with the game. Listed below are details on the default configuration for PC and Playstation 4.



 Diablo 4 Controls 


PC Keyboard
PS4 Controls


 Control Detail
 Character Panle C / I
Class Panel ↑ + C
 Skill Assignment Flyout  S
 Skill Tree Panel  ↑ + S
Abilities Panel A
Map Screen Tab / M
Journal Panel J / L
Shop Screen P
Collections Screen Y
Social Screen O
Clan Screen N



Control Detail
Combine Move / Interact / Basic Skill Slot  
Move / Interact / Basic Skill Slot Left Mouse Button
Core Skill Slot  Right Mouse Button
 Skill Slot 1 1
Skill Slot 2  2
Skill Slot 3  3
4Skill Slot 4  4
Force Move  --
Force Interact F
Evade  Space Bar
Town Portal  T
Use Potion Q
Mount Z
Spur Mount Space Bar
Mount Dismount Right Mouse Button
Mount Combat Dismount 1
Hold Position Shift
Action Wheel E
Fast Quest Track R
Show Item Labels Alt



Control Detail
Open Chat Input  Enter
Close Chat Input  Esc 
Quick Message  Ctrl + ↑ + R
Reply to Last Whisper  ↑ + R
Cycle Chat Targets  Tab
Page Up Chat  PG↑
Page Down  PG↓
Chat Next Chat Tab Ctrl + Tab
Previous Chat Tab Ctrl + ↑ + Tab
Reset Chat Fade X



 Control Detail
Game Menu  Esc
Toggle Framerate Display  Ctrl + R 
Zoom on Mousewheel    
Take a Screenshot  Print Scrn
Master Volume Up  Ctrl + =
Master Volume Down  Ctrl + -
Toggle voice chat transcription   
Skip next TTS   
Clear all TTS  
Skip Line With Screen Reader  





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Menu & Inventory

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