Region Scosglen

Corbach is a Location in Diablo 4. Corbach is a city located at Scosglen region. There are different regions that players can explore to find various World Events, Enemies, Dungeons, Bosses, NPCs and Equipment.


Corbach Information

Corbach is a small Town located on the north-east part of the map. Players will be able to find Merchants and NPCs that provide both Main quests and Side Quests.


Corbach NPCs & Merchants


Corbach Quests, Dungeons and World Events



  • N/A

World Events:

  • N/A

Enemies & Bosses in Corbach

  • This is a no-combat zone.

Corbach Lore & Tips

  • Lore & Tips about the Location

Corbach Map



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