Crafting in Diablo 4 covers the various elements of the crafting mechanic for the game. Players can find detailed information on an item's recipe in order to craft a specified item. As you progress through the game, explore various locations, and kill Enemies and Bosses, you'll be able to acquire various Materials and unlock recipes to create new gear such as Weapons, Armor and Accessories.


Crafting Guide in Diablo 4


The Artisan System

Crafting in Diablo 4 will be done through an Artisan system. In every Capital City, you will find four artisans: The Blacksmith, The Jeweler, The Alchemist, and The Occultist. Each artisan has unique abilities and functions.

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith is similar to the one in Diablo 3 but with a few more functions. You unlock the blacksmith early in the game, and he can craft armor and weapons. He will also be able to upgrade your weapons and armor, which will increase the affixes and base armor and weapon damage. You can upgrade items multiple times, depending on the rarity of the item. The blacksmith will also be your go-to for salvaging unwanted gear for crafting materials. When you salvage a piece of gear, the transmog is saved to your wardrobe, and any socketed gems are returned to you.

The Jeweler

You unlock The Jeweler at level 20, and he can craft jewelry items like Amulets and Rings. The Jeweler will also be able to upgrade jewelry, increasing the potency of the affixes and the amount of resistances it provides. The jeweler will also be your go-to for upgrading Gems, socketing, and unsocketing them.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a new addition to the Diablo franchise, and he will be how Diablo 4 handles your Potions. Rather than Health Potions dropping randomly or being sold by a vendor, you will have a Health Potion readily available on your action bar in Diablo 4. You can upgrade it by visiting The Alchemist and gathering Materials. The Alchemist will also craft Elixirs for you, which provide various benefits and effects.

The Occultist

The Occultist plays a crucial role in Diablo 4 as a non-playable character who provides valuable services to enhance your gear and items. One of the main services that the Occultist offers is the ability to enchant your Equipment, allowing you to modify the stat rolls to improve your character's performance in combat. Additionally, the Occultist can craft Sigils, necessary to access Nightmare Dungeons, and extract and imprint Legendary Aspects onto Rare or Legendary gear, enabling you to customize your character's powers and create gear with immense power.

Crafting Materials and Currencies

Diablo 4 features a wide range of 23 Materials and three distinct Currencies, each categorized into, Monster Parts, Ores, Skins, and Salvaged Materials. Players can access these Materials through a designated inventory storage, complete with a button to open and view their collection. These crafting materials do not take up any inventory space, making it easy for players to collect and store as much as they need.

Gathering in Diablo 4

In addition to the Artisans, Diablo 4 will feature Gathering, including herbalism and mining. Players will encounter nodes as they travel through zones, allowing them to gather plants and minerals. While Gathering may seem out of place in a fast-paced game like Diablo, it provides an additional layer of customization and progression for players who enjoy exploring and gathering resources.

Auto Pick-up of Materials

Diablo 4 introduces an auto pickup feature for materials, which saves players from having to click multiple times to collect them. While items like Equipment and Gems must be picked up manually, crafting Materials, including Gold, Herbs, and Ores, are collected automatically simply by walking over them.

Codex of Power

The Codex of Power is another aspect of Diablo 4's crafting system that is tied to the legendary powers found on gear. By completing dungeons, players can unlock legendary aspects in the Codex of Power, which is a codex of legendary powers that players can put on their gear. These powers can be imprinted on rare or legendary items, and the Codex of Power provides a good foundation for new character builds.










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