Cursed Hatchery

Event Type Open Area

Cursed Hatchery is a Local Event in Diablo 4. Cursed Hatchery can be found at Sanctuary marked by an orange circle. Local Events are special, optional Quests, that players can complete to obtain Gold, Experience and a Greater Radiant Chest with further rewards like Crafting Materials, Gems, Equipment, and Murmuring Obols which can be used to gamble items for all equipment slots.

Cursed Hatchery Location & Information

  • Local Events spawn all over Sanctuary and are marked by an orange circle.
  • Objectives are contained within the orange circle and most take 2-4 minutes to complete.

Enter the marked area and locate the cocoons where the villagers are trapped: 0/3.

  • Objective: Protect the Villagers: 3 Remain (1 min)
  • Mastery: Ensure the survival of all the trapped survivors.

Complete the objectives As soon as you have located all the cocoons, waves of spiders appear around you, attacking the villagers. They stand up where they were found, but run away from the direction of the spider's attack. Keep killing the spiders to save the villagers. When the time limit is up, defeat the remaining spiders to successfully complete the event.


Cursed Hatchery Rewards in Diablo 4

By participating in Cursed Hatchery, you can earn various rewards. Each event has two objectives: a main objective and a mastery objective. Upon completing the main objective, you will receive gold, experience points, and a Greater Radiant Chest. The chest may contain crafting materials, Gems, Equipment, and Murmuring Obols, which can be used to gamble for items at The Purveyor of Curiosities. If you complete the Mastery objective, the number of Murmuring Obols you receive will increase. While some events are timed and take only 2-4 minutes, others may require more time and effort to complete.



Cursed Hatchery Notes & Lore

  • Notes & Trivia about the Local Event



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