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Death Trap


Cooldown: 50 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance: 4%
Place a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds. It activates when an enemy moves within range, dealing a total of X [250%] damage to each enemy in the area.

You may only select one Ultimate Skill.

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Death Trap is a Rogue Skill in Diablo 4. Death Trap creates a trap that once placed, it activates when an enemy moves within range, dealing damage. It can be upgraded twice, first into Prime Death Trap and finally into Supreme Death Trap.


Death Trap Diablo 4 Information

Death Trap belongs to the Rogue class Skill Tree, and is part of the Ultimate Cluster.

Ultimate Skills belong to the Ultimate Cluster of the Skill Tree. Active Ultimate Skills Rank cap at Rank 1, but players can still Enhance them and Upgrade them with extra Skill Points. You can only select 1 Ultimate Skill.

Ultimate Skills are represented in big square icons in the Skill Tree menu, just as Active Skills do.


Death Trap Effects in Diablo 4

Death Trap grants the following effects:

Rank 1:
  • Cooldown: 50 seconds
    Lucky Hit Chance: 4%
    Place a trap that arms after 1.25 seconds. It activates when an enemy moves within range, dealing a total of X [250%] damage to each enemy in the area.


Diablo 4 Enhance & Upgrade for Death Trap

You can Enhance Death Trap to add the following effects:

Prime Death Trap: Enemies are Pulled into Death Trap when it activates.

After enhancing Death Trap, you can also Upgrade it further to get the following effects according to the upgrade you chose:

Supreme Death Trap: If Death Trap kills an enemy, its Cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds.


Builds that use Death Trap in Diablo 4

Death Trap is used in the following Builds:


Diablo 4 Death Trap Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Tips for Death Trap go here


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