Drowning Caverns

Location Jagged Shoals

Drowning Caverns is a Dungeon in Diablo 4. Drowning Caverns is located at Jagged Shoals. Dungeons are randomly generated in both interior and exterior locations and player can re-play them at any given time. In addition to aesthetics, some Dungeons may spawn with Objectives that players can complete to obtain additional rewards and Affixes which makes them more challenging and provide with better rewards. Some higher level Dungeons require a Dungeon Key to be accessed.


Drowning Caverns Information

Drowning Caverns is a located on the Jagged Shoals east of Corbach. Players will visit this dungeon during the quest Call of the Deep. This Dungeon is divide into two different levels and players must witness a small scene between two ghosts to access the second level.

Drowning Caverns Quests

Drowning Caverns Objectives

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Enemies & Bosses in Drowning Caverns

Drowning Caverns Lore

Lore about the Dungeon

Drowning Caverns Notes & Tips

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