Druid Shapeshifting Talent Tree in Diablo 4 are passive abilities focused on the Shapeshifting abilities of the Druid. There are 12 Druid Shapeshifting Talents: Heightened Senses, Predatory Instinct, Lupine Swiftness, Iron Hide, Call of the Wild, Overpower, Rabid Strikes, Scent of Blood, Hunt the Weak, Feral Spirit, Storm and Claw, and Quickshift. Each talent can be upgraded up to level 5 increasing their effectiveness. Below you can see a list of all Druid Shapeshifting Talents:

Druid Shapeshifting Talent Tree


heightened-senses-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideHeightened Senses


Damage reduction against nearby enemies is increased by X%.

predatory-instinct-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guidePredatory Instinct


Deal X% increased damage to nearby enemies.

lupine-swiftness-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideLupine Swiftness


While in werewolf form, movement speed is increased by X%
This bonus persists for X seconds after leaving werewolf form.

iron-hide-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideIron Hide


While werebear form, damage reduction is increased by X%.
This bonus persists for X seconds after leaving werebear form.

call-of-the-wild-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideCall of the Wild


Your critical strike chance is increased by X% against your wolves' focus target.
Raven passive attacks make enemies Vulnerable for X% of the damage dealt.
Vine Creeper's poison duration is increased by X%.



Hit Effect: Up to X% chance on hit to knock down slowed enemies for X seconds.

rabid-strikes-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideRabid Strikes


Your werewolf skills poison the target for X% of the damage dealt over X seconds.

scent-of-blood-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideScent of Blood


Deal X% increased damage to crowd controlled enemies.

hunt-the-weak-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideHunt the Weak


Critical strike chance is increased by X% against poisoned enemies while shapeshifted.

feral-spirit-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideFeral Spirit


Critical strike damage is increased by X% for X seconds after using a Shapeshifting skill.

storm-and-claw-druid-talents-diablo-4-wiki-guideStorm and Claw


While Hurricane or Cataclysm is active, Shapeshifting skills deal an additional X% damage as lightning.



After shapeshifting into a different form, your next skill deals X% increased damage.


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