Druid Ultimate Skills in Diablo 4 are extremely powerful abilities and as such have a very long Cooldowns to keep them from being abused. Druids will use these Ultimate Skills when they need an extra burst of damage, or things are looking grim. There are 3 Druid Ultimate Skills in Diablo IV currently available and these are: Cataclysm, Grizzly Rage, Petrify. Below you can see what each these Druid Ultimate Skills do and how they can help you fight the forces of evil:


Druid Ultimate Skills


Storm Magic


Cooldown: 90 seconds
A massive storm follows you for 10 seconds. Tornadoes knock back enemies, and lightning strikes wildly for X damage.
lightning_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Lightning Damage


grizzly-rage-ultimate-druid-skills-diablo-4-wiki-guideGrizzly Rage


Cooldown: 50 seconds
Shapeshift into a werebear for 5 seconds. You are granted new werebear skills and you regenerate Spirit 28% faster.
You are Unstoppable while Grizzly Rage is active.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


Earth Magic


Cooldown: 50 seconds
Petrify all nearby enemies, stunning them for 5 seconds. Damage breaks this effect and deals an additional X damage.
This skill has an additional 25% chance to deal a Crushing Blow.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage




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