Druid Wrath Skills in Diablo 4 consists of Area of Effect (AoE) spells that can be used to fight large groups of enemies. These Druid Wrath Skills don't consume any Spirit and are only limited by their cooldown. There are currently 2 Druid Wrath Skills in Diabo IV, and these are: Hurricane and Boulder. Below you can see what each of these Druid Wrath Skills do and how they can help you fight the forces of evil:


Druid Wrath Skills


Storm Magic


Cooldown: 15 seconds
Form a hurricane around you that deals X damage to nearby enemies over 8 seconds.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage


Earth Magic


Cooldown: 20 seconds
Unearth a large rolling boulder that knocks back and crushes enemies, dealing X damage with each hit.
Has an additional 15% chance to deal a Crushing Blow.
physical-damage-icon-diablo-iv-wikiDeals Physical Damage





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