Dry Steppes

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Waypoints 8
Strongholds 3
Altars of Lilith 33

Dry Steppes is a Region in Diablo 4. Dry Steppes is an unforgiving desert region. Each region provides with a distinctive feel and a variety of Enemies. There are five different Regions in Diablo 4, Dry Steppes is one of them alongside Fractured PeaksHawezar, Scosglen and  Kehjistan. Each region has a distinctive feel, as well as different environments, and themes.


Information about Dry Steppes

The unforgiving, harsh environment of the Dry Steppes is home only to the hardiest—or desperate—souls. Be warned; the denizens of this land will do anything to survive, resorting to anything from petty banditry to savage cannibalism.


Dry Steppes Region Progress

While you adventure through Dry Steppes, completing diverse tasks and exploring, you will earn Renown Points. By reaching certain Renown thresholds in Dry Steppes, you will earn more and more benefits such as more gold, increased XP or even bonus Skill Points.

200 500 900 1400 2000
+Bonus XP
+3,000 Gold
+Bonus XP
+10,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+25,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+60,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+150,000 Gold
1 Skill Point +1 Potion Charge 1 Skill Point +80 Max Obols 4 Paragon Point


Please, consult the table below to learn about all the available ways of earning Renown while questing and exploring Dry Steppes:

Waypoints (8)
Renown Value: 20
Areas Discovered (53)
Renown Value: 5
Strongholds (3)
Renown Value: 100
Side Dungeons (21)
Renown Value: 30
Side Quests (38)
Renown Value: 20
Altars of Lilith (33)
Renown Value: 10


Locations in Dry Steppes

  • Akhai Prairie
  • Alzuuda
  • Bastard's Pass
  • Blistered Barrens
  • Bloodsoaked Ingress
  • Bluffs of Olzei
  • Caves of Khalos
  • Farobru
  • Foothills of Saraan
  • Galtmaa Bushland
  • Hidden Overlook
  • Horn of Komdor
  • Jirandai
  • Ked Bardu
  • Khurel Passage
  • Maw of Guulrahn
  • Orbei Monastery
  • Path of Stray Souls
  • Path of the Ill-Fated
  • Reach of Fulmination
  • Remnants of Toutai
  • Rift of a Thousand Eyes
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu
  • Spine of Civo
  • Steppes Overrun
  • Tabak Whitepan
  • Temple of Rot
  • Temple of Rot: Courtyard
  • The Ashen Tread
  • The Barren Steeps
  • The Bleak Expanse
  • The Blistering Statue
  • The Carver's House
  • The Crown of Fiends
  • The Field of Broken Spears
  • The Forlorn Tread
  • The Onyx Watchtower
  • The Trail of Bones
  • The Wretched Strand
  • Undying Marches
  • Urlaan Quarry
  • Valley of the Strayed
  • Wanderer's Outpost Ruins
  • Wayfarer's Folly
  • Wayward Plains
  • Yolsuun Hold


Strongholds in Dry Steppes

temple of rot strongholds diablo 4 wiki guide
Temple of Rot

A rotten, putrid evil has taken up residence in these hallowed halls.


Located in the Dry Steppes region you will find The Temple of Rot stronghold, best for players level 46 and up. Players are tasked with locating and slaying four elite Cannibal Champions, and Molqarth, The Hunger. [Map Link]

the onyx watchtower strongholds diablo 4 wiki guide
The Onyx Watchtower

A trader's way station overrun by thieves and murderers.


Located in the center of Dry Steppes, is The Onyx Watchtower that is catered to players level 33 and above. Your task in this stronghold is to explore The Onyx Watchtower and slay the enemies in it. [Map Link]

ruins of qarayisu strongholds diablo 4 wiki guide
The Ruins of Qara-Yisu

The salt-covered ruins of a town afflicted by a sadistic curse.


In the south-central section of The Accursed Wasted sub-region in the Dry Steppes, players can find The Ruins of Qara-Yisu, a stronghold recommended for players with the level 49 and above. In this stronghold, you are tasked with exploring and investigating the disturbance at the mine, and more Side Quests and Dungeons will unlock upon completion. [Map Link]


NPCs in Dry Steppes

  • ???
  • ???


Dungeons and Cellars in Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes Dungeons
Dry Steppes Cellars


Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Dungeons



The Accursed Wastes

The Onyx Watchtower



Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Cellars



Quests in Dry Steppes


Enemies in Dry Steppes


Merchants in Dry Steppes

Main Merchants

alchemist merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Alchemist


blacksmith merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Blacksmith


jeweler merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Jeweler


occultist merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Occultist


purveyor of curiosities merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Purveyor of Curiosities

Vendors and Services

weapons merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideWeapons Vendor


armor merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideArmor Vendor


rings and amulets merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideRings & Amulets Vendor


healer merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideHealer


stable master merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideStable Master

Red Dust Vendors

unconventional steed armor merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideUnconventional Steed Armor Vendor


cursed scroll merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideCursed Scroll Vendor


odds and ends merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideOdds and Ends Vendor


unsavory oddities merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideUnsavory Oddities Vendor

Miscellaneous Services Points

wardrobe merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideWardrobe


stash merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideStash


Dry Steppes Notes & Tips

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Dry Steppes Map

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