Dungeons in Diablo 4 are a type of Location. They are private and you won't see other players inside unless they are on your party. Dungeons are randomly generated, they can be interior or exterior landscapes, may mix and match between different tilesets, as well as the Enemies within them – all seamlessly without loading screens. Dungeons feature Random Events as well as special scripted Dungeon Objectives that give the dungeon cohesiveness, and increase the danger and rewards.

Dungeons have no time limit, but they get more difficult with every monster you defeat.

Special high level dungeons can be accessed by using Dungeon Keys. These Dungeon Keys give the dungeon special Affixes which increase their difficulty but also increase their rewards.

In addition to the basic randomness, Dungeons can also posses Affixes. These Affixes add unique effects to the dungeon which increase both difficulty and rewards. You can see a list of all Affixes by clicking HERE.

Dungeons can spawn with Objectives, which help guide your adventure and offer greater rewards and increased danger. As you complete Dungeon Objectives, the goals you have will continue to update, and the Dungeon itself might respond by sending tougher enemies and challenges your way.

Dungeons in Diablo 4

Below there is a list with all the Dungeons in Diablo 4 and where to find them:



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