Elites in Diablo 4 are special Enemies that possess one more Affixes which makes them much stronger than a regular foe. These Affixes are randomly selected from a vast pool providing a fresh and challenging experience on each encounter. Elites take the shape and attack patterns of a regular Enemy but can have a distinctive color. They are always guarded by minions which are weak but have the same affixes as the Elite they are guarding but with weaker effects. This guide will list all the affixes found in Elites.


Elites Location in Diablo 4

To identify Elites, you can usually recognize them by the color of their names, or they will simply be larger in size compared to other nearby Enemies. Elites can be found scattered across the Sanctuary, and some of them will have their designated locations. There are also Elites found within Dungeons.

Check out the Diablo 4 Map to see other Locations of Elites.

Affixes in Elites Guide Diablo 4

Elites are the strongest among mobs next to Bosses. They are basically a level above your regular minions, and their attacks and skills usually have special effects. To further boost their fighting ability, each of these Elites will have an Affix which can be seen below their health bar.

Each element will have its designated icon listed if they have more than 1 affix.

Maximum Affixes in Elite Diablo 4

Depending on the rarity of the Elite, they can have up to 4 affixes attached to their names. These monsters will prove to be strong enemies on the battlefield and is a fair warning to proceed with caution.

More commonly, you will find Elites scattered with just 1 affix, and they are much easier to deal with.


Fighting Elites Guide Diablo 4

When you're going against tough Enemies like the elites in Diablo 4, it is best to be ready with all skills available to your character. By doing this, you will cut down on the time spent slaying the monster. Elites in Diablo 4 can have as many as 4 affixes and this will determine the element of their attacks and some other modifiers.

When fighting Elites, they are usually surrounded by smaller and weaker enemies, and if you have skills with Crowd control, maximize those too. Elites are treated as mini-bosses and caution must be taken before proceeding to fight these enemies. Since their attacks can vary from one to another, it is also recommended to pay attention to the affixes listed on their names or health bar. This will help you in preparing for the battle.

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Elites in Diablo 4

To overcome the toughest enemies, it is important to understand the various Elite Affixes. These affixes can greatly alter an Elite's behavior and make them more challenging to defeat. Elites can have up to three affixes, and they may also be accompanied by powerful minions with increased health. With knowledge of these affixes, you can better prepare and strategize for battle.

  • Cold Affixes: These elemental Elite Affixes look to maximize zone coverage to slow you down in any way possible.
  • Fire Affixes: These elemental Elite Affixes are pretty straightforward. They deal huge burst damage.
  • Lightning Affixes: These elemental Elite Affixes like to do lots of small tick damage across a wide area.
  • Poison Affixes: These elemental Elite Affixes like to deal damage over time. Shown as green in your health globe, taking damage will gradually decrease your life.
  • Shadow Affixes: These elemental affixes are looking to make you lose control and blind you from the battlefield.
  • Utility Affixes: These are Elite Affixes that are more crowd control and defense based with no elemental damage attached.
  • Minions: Elites can spawn with Minions that are also considered Elite but don't inherit their affixes. Instead, they simply have increased Life values.


You can search by Name, Type, effect, or Duration. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

Quick Search of All Affixes 

Cold Enchanted Cold Chills the target that it touches. Varies depending on your character's crowd control reduction. N/A
Chilling Wind Cold This affix summons an icy wind pillar that chills upon being touched. Ranged projectiles become slowed as it travels through the pillar. 7 Sec. 9 Sec.
Frozen Cold Summons 3 frozen orbs that chill until they are frozen. Deals cold damage upon explosion after 3 seconds. 3 Sec. 8 Sec
Tempest Cold Summons 4 ice claws that pull you into the enemy after 1.5 seconds. N/A 13 Sec.
Explosive Fire Spawns 2 fire orbs that explode in a massive area after 5 seconds. N/A 15 Sec.
Fire Enchanted Fire Ejects 3 fire damage waves from itself, resembling a fidget spinner in formation.
This affix explodes in 6 seconds after death. It continues to spawn fire waves.
Permanent 3 Sec.
Mortar Fire This affix launches 4 mortars into the air that rain down around the target.
Mortar ground indicators can overlap, dealing massive damage in a small area.
N/A 3 Sec.
Electrified Obelisks Lightning This affix summons 3 lightning pillars that shoot lightning bolts at each other and from the target. 6 Sec. 12 Sec.
Lightning Enchanted Lightning Releases 3 fast lightning spheres upon being struck. Can bounce off walls and terrain. N/A N/A
Shock Lance Lightning Spawns a lightning beam that rotates around an orb at different speeds. 15 Sec. 5 Sec.
Teleporter Lightning Teleports to the player and deals lightning damage upon landing. Can teleport from off-screen.
There is a 0.33-second cast time alongside a visual and audio cue before landing. Not reactable.
N/A 8 seconds
Plaguebearer Poison Leaves a pool of poison that explodes upon death. N/A N/A
Poison Enchanted Poison Drops a blob of poison underneath the target. Taking damage triggers activation
Upon death, drops a blob of poison underneath itself.
Shadow Enchanted Shadow Spawns a shadow clone of itself that attacks the player. Taking damage triggers activation. 4 Sec. N/A
Terrifying Shadow Spawns 2 Pentagrams on the ground that activates and deal damage after 2 seconds.
Fears you for 2 seconds
N/A 7 Sec.
Hellbound Utility Summons a 3 headed stone statue that binds players in chains within its radius. 6 Sec. 15 Sec.
Multishot Utility Elite shoots 3 normal projectiles. N/A N/A
Summoner Utility Summons 2 minions based on surrounding mob type. Can have up to 6 minions out. 3 Sec. spawn time 20 Sec.
Suppressor Utility Creates a bubble around the target that becomes immune to ranged attacks outside the bubble. Permanent N/A
Vampiric Utility Leeches health from a target using normal attack and other elite affixes.
This affix cannot leech life through abilities that protect your health.
Waller Utility Creates U-shape walls to hinder player movement. Part of the wall is breakable by players. 7 Sec. 12 Sec.
Increased Health Minions Mobs have increased health. N/A N/A

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