Enemies in Diablo 4 covers a compendium of all the hostile creatures you'll encounter in the game. These creatures who inhabit the different Locations and Dungeons, have their own distinct features and set of attacks which make each enemy stand out on its very own. Although they pose a threat and an ever-changing challenge, these enemies provide various drops that reward players with items they will need as they continue to progress through the game.

There are regular Enemies equipped with Affixes called Elites and stronger, unique special Enemies, called Bosses

You can find detailed information about the Enemies in Diablo 4 which include their location, attributes, item drops, and more on each individual pages that are linked below.

Monster Families in Diablo IV

Each monster is part of a Monster Family. Each Monster Family groups many different enemies that have certain similarities. They are themed similarly and the are usually found around the same areas.


The Cannibal Family is constituted by Barbarians that live as exiles, they were expelled from their communities as they became cannibals. They are wild barbarians equipped as such, wielding armor pieces made of the monsters they hunt and rusty melee weapons.


The Cultist Family seem to be humans wearing Skills, dressed as a sect about to make a ritual or some dark sacrifice. Their cult is in search of some dark power. 


The Drowned Family are undead that came out from the sea. The drowned are known to be powerful when they come in groups. Their abilities are mainly water related.


The Fallen Family are very well known to players that have played previous Diablo games. They are mainly fiends, from warriors to shamans, the fallen are a very complete group of enemies with all sorts of abilities and powers.


The Ghoul family are more like the classic undead, they behave similar to zombies, but their background story is related to magic. Ghouls are not individually strong, but they move as large numerous hordes running towards their enemies.


The Goatmen Family, as the name says, are made of half goat men. They move as a clan, and they master the use of many weapons and abilities as they are not unintelligent monsters. Shamans can also be found between their forces.


The Nangari Family are said to be snake men, but they also can have strange mutated forms and include bone spikes and claws that non men or snakes have. Usually found in swamps, and generally inflict poison damage.


The Skeleton Family is very well known from all previous Diablo games, they wield weapons like crossbows, ballistas and large axes and they are also able to cast magic. 


The Spider Family is made of Giant Spiders, known for their spooky way to move. They multiply easily and they are always in search for a new prey. They are able to animate dead corpses while they implant eggs on them.


The Vampire Family is a group of blood sucking enemies, they take the life of other creatues to increase their own and they usually inflict bleeding damage.


Werewolves are usually found in snowy areas, they are not found in very large groups, and they are not encountered very frequently. They do not present much of a threat.

Wild Life

Wild Life is presented as the first hostiles: wolves, bears and ravens, found at natural biomes. Also non-hostile wild life can be seen, like deers that runaway quickly when they see a potencial enemy.



Archetypes in Diablo IV

All families have forces divided in archetypes, with different set of skills usually attacking the player in mixed groups of the same family but different archetypes at the same time. Each archetype plays a different role in combat. Swarmers strike in groups, making AoE attacks feel satisfying. Bruisers are larger monsters with high health values, which will make damage over time abilities feel good. Melee combat units act as shields by standing in the way of projectiles for their ranged counterparts. And some families also have a Shaman or some sort of special unit that is able to cast magic.


Enemies in Diablo 4

Elites & Affixes

Elites are special Enemies, they look like regular enemies but they use Affixes, to increase their power. The pool of Affixes is very vast. The appearance of Elites is similar to their regular version, except they have a distinctive color. They are found guarded by minions, which are slightly boosted by the same Affixes.

Affixes can be obtained in order to improve your abilities and increase the power of your build.


Champions are similar to Elites, they also have Affixes to increase their combat power and slightly buff the minions around them. Champions are only found in Nightmare Difficulty (World Tier 3) or higher.

Super Unique Monsters

Super Unique Monsters are special non-boss enemies, much more powerful than minions, regular enemies or monsters. They are really Uuique as they have unique names, appearances, abilities and they are found in special locations, quests or events. Super Unique Monsters grant very powerful and rare loot and they also grant a big amount of XP when defeated. Once defeated, they won't respawn.


Bosses are the ultimate enemy, generally found at the end of Dungeons, Quests, and Strongholds. They are the main guardians of hell. As such, they are the most powerful enemies, they have their own unique set of moves and the highest health bars.

Defeating some Bosses is necessary to complete the game story as defeating them triggers the unlocking of new Locations.


All Enemies in Diablo IV




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