Enemies in Diablo 4 covers a compendium of all the hostile creatures you'll encounter in the game. These creatures who inhabit the different Locations and Dungeons, have their own distinct features and set of attacks which make each enemy stand out on its very own. Although they pose a threat and an ever-changing challenge, these enemies provide various drops that reward players with items they will need as they continue to progress through the game.

There are regular Enemies equipped with Affixes called Elites and stronger, unique special Enemies, called Bosses

You can find detailed information about the Enemies in Diablo 4 which include their location, attributes, item drops, and more on each individual pages that are linked below.


Enemies in Diablo 4 are classified into “families.” Each family has a different combat style and feel. For example, the Drowned family has five members in various archetypes: bruiser, ranged combat, melee combat, swarmer, and dungeon boss.


Each archetype plays a different role in combat. Swarmers strike in groups, making AoE attacks feel satisfying. Bruisers are larger monsters with high health values, which will make damage over time abilities feel good. Melee combat units act as shields by standing in the way of projectiles for their ranged counterparts.  



Enemies in Diablo 4




Diablo 4 Enemy Affixes

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