Fields of Hatred

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Fields of Hatred are special PvP areas in Diablo 4The Fields are found in the open-world. Players can enter these areas at will, where they will be able to engage in PvP against other players. Players can also collect Shards of Hatred in these zones, from defeating other players, as well as killing monsters in the zone. Special merchants are found in the Fields where players can spend their shards.

The Fields of Hatred are areas in Sanctuary that have been tainted by the hatred of Mephisto, which bubbled up from Hell. Those who entered these fields were consumed, turning them against their fellow mortals. Numerous adventurers flock to these areas of their own volition, looking to claim renown through blood and zeal.


Fields of Hatred Information

Killing other players and collects shards will infuse you with the Curse of Mephisto, and eventually become a Vessel of Hatred. When this happens, every players within a large radius will be made aware of the player on their map. Killing a Vessel of Hatred gives a bonus. If the Vessel stays alive within the area, they get a large bonus at the end of the event.

The Seeds of Hatred you collected from killing monsters and other players can be smashed into Red Dust at Altar of Extraction. The Red Dust won't be lost even if you get killed in the area, unlike the Seeds.


Fields of Hatred NPCs & Merchants

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Fields of Hatred Quests, Dungeons and World Events

Enemies & Bosses in Fields of Hatred

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Fields of Hatred Lore & Tips

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