Forgotten Soul

Rare Crafting Material
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Type Salvaged Material
Is it a stone, an organ, or something else? Indescribably, it is all of these things.

Forgotten Soul is a Salvaged Material in Diablo 4. Forgotten Soul is a mysterious object that defies classification - it seems to be a blend of stone, organ, and something else entirely. Salvaged Materials are crafting components salvaged from items and used to upgrade armor, weapons, and jewelry, as well as re-roll stats or create Sigils.




How to get Forgotten Soul in Diablo 4

Forgotten Soul can be obtained:

  • Can be found during the Helltide. Used to improve sacred and ancestral items.


Forgotten Soul Crafting Uses in Diablo 4


Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul Notes & Lore

  • Other Notes & Lore for Forgotten Soul goes here



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