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Waypoints 7
Strongholds 3
Altars of Lilith 28

Fractured Peaks is a Region in Diablo 4. Fractured Peaks is a snowy and difficult to reach region, found at the height of mountains. Fractured Peaks will be playable during the Early Access and Open Beta, taking place on two consecutive March weekends. There are five different Regions in Diablo 4, Fractured Peaks is one of them alongside, Dry Steppes, Hawezar, Scosglen and  Kehjistan. Each region has a distinctive feel, as well as different environments, and themes.



Information about Fractured Peaks

Snowy and secluded, a sect of devout priests find refuge in the isolation of this high mountain range. They seek enlightenment while remaining unaware of the horrors that dwell in the dark cave complexes below.



Fractured Peaks Region Progress

While you adventure through Fractured Peaks, completing diverse tasks and exploring you will earn Renown Points. By reaching certain Renown thresholds in Fractured Peaks, you will earn more and more benefits such as more gold, increased XP or even bonus Skill Points.

200 500 900 1400 2000
+Bonus XP
+3,000 Gold
+Bonus XP
+10,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+25,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+60,000 Gold
+ Bonus XP
+150,000 Gold
1 Skill Point +1 Potion Charge 1 Skill Point +80 Max Obols 4 Paragon Point


Please, consult the table below to learn about all the available ways of earning Renown while questing and exploring Fractured Peaks:

Waypoints (7)
Renown Value: 20
Areas Discovered (76)
Renown Value: 5
Strongholds (3)
Renown Value: 100
Side Dungeons (23)
Renown Value: 30
Side Quests (35)
Renown Value: 20
Altars of Lilith (28)
Renown Value: 10


Locations in Fractured Peaks

  • Alabaster Peak
  • Altar of Penitence
  • Altar of Martyrdom
  • Altar of Purity
  • Ashen Hollow
  • Baths of Crocell
  • Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Blacklung Mountain
  • Boulder Ridge
  • Camp Trenchfoot
  • Cathedral of Light
  • College of Light
  • Crags of Ill Wind
  • Dead Man's Hill
  • Eastern Pass
  • Eastern Plain
  • Father's Cross
  • Fields of Judgment
  • Gnarled Timbers
  • Heretic's Flight
  • Icehowl Taiga
  • Kor Benetar
  • Kor Dragan: Barracks Entry
  • Kor Rohavan
  • Kor Valar
  • Kor Vos
  • Krol Forest
  • Kylsik Plateau
  • Kyovashad
  • Lake Klokova
  • Lonely Drifts
  • Malthus' Perch
  • Margrave
  • Melnik's Hill
  • Mistral Woods
  • Nevesk
  • Nostrava
  • Pauper's Descent
  • Pine Hill
  • Radiance Field Cemetery
  • Savina Falls
  • Seats of Seir
  • Shadow Trail
  • Shivering Wilds
  • Silvered Edgelands
  • Sinner's Pass
  • Southeast Foothills
  • Surgat's Passage
  • The Anemic Falls
  • The Asylum Lot
  • The Crucible
  • The Deep White
  • The Hanged Man
  • The Murmuring Mill
  • The Sallow Riverbanks
  • The Silent House
  • Trekker's Nook
  • Trough of Orobas
  • Tsepilova Pond
  • Vale of Fools
  • Velkhova
  • Virtue's Point
  • Western Highways
  • Western Tunnels
  • Western Ways
  • Windfall Hollow
  • Windswept Cabin
  • Yelesna
  • Zeleny Lowlands


Fractured Peaks Region Waypoints

In the Fractured Peaks, there are 7 waypoints scattered across the region waiting to be discovered. These special points allow you to move around the area faster, making it easier to reach your destinations.





NPCs in Fractured Peaks

  • ???
  • ???


Strongholds in Fractured Peaks

Kor Dragan

Once a bastion of the Knights Penitent, this desecrated fortress stands abandoned.

To the northwest of Kyovashad lies Kor Dragan, a stronghold in Fractured Peaks that caters to players at level 25 and beyond. Upon completion of all objectives, players can access a unique zone event called The Gathering Legions in Diablo 4. [Map Link]

malnok strongholds diablo 4 wiki guide

An icebound settlement besieged by a ceaseless blizzard.

The Stronghold called Malnok is situated east of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks. It is available to players who are level 20 or higher. Your task in this Stronghold is to locate and defeat the Ice Clan Stormcallers, who are the source of the blizzard. [Map Link]


A quiet mountain village with a sinister secret.

Fractured Peaks is a region in Diablo 4, and to the west of Kyovashad lies Nostrava, a Stronghold with a recommended level of 20 or higher. In this Stronghold, players are tasked with investigating the village and conversing with the Priestess to progress through the game. [Map Link]



Dungeons and Cellars in Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks Dungeons
Fractured Peaks Cellars


Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Dungeons




Kor Dragan

  • None

The Crucible

  • None


Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Cellars



Quests in Fractured Peaks


Enemies in Fractured Peaks


Merchants in Fractured Peaks

Main Merchants

alchemist merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Alchemist


blacksmith merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Blacksmith


jeweler merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Jeweler


occultist merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Occultist


purveyor of curiosities merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideThe Purveyor of Curiosities

Vendors and Services

weapons merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideWeapons Vendor


armor merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideArmor Vendor


rings and amulets merchant merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideRings & Amulets Vendor


healer merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideHealer


stable master merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideStable Master

Miscellaneous Services Points

wardrobe merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideWardrobe


stash merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideStash



Fractured Peaks Note & Tips

  • Fractured Peaks is fully explorable during the early access and open beta events.
  • According to the developers, Fractured Peaks is inspired by the Carpathian Mountains. The Carpathian Mounts are a range of mountains forming an arc across Central Europe.


Fractured Peaks Map

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