Garan Hold

Location Scosglen
Reward Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind

Garan Hold is a Dungeon in Diablo 4. Garan Hold used to be a stronghold but it has fallen from grace since ancient times. Spiritcaller of Flames is the final boss. Garan Hold can be found at Scosglen.


A once mighty stronghold, doomed to burn.


Diablo 4 Garan Hold Dungeon Location

Diablo IV Garan Hold Dungeon can be found at:


Diablo 4 Garan Hold Reward

Upon successfully completing Diablo IV Garan Hold Dungeon, you will be rewarded with the following Legendary Aspect


How to complete Garan Hold in Diablo 4

Garan Hold can be completed by doing:

  • Destroy the Idols: 3
  • Travel to the Halls of Cinder.
  • Activate the Levers: 2
  • Slay Keeper Xor'lim and collect Garan's Key.
  • Use Garan's Key to open the Chamber Door.
  • Defeat the Spiritcaller of Flames.


Diablo 4 Quests in Garan Hold Dungeon

Players need to complete Garan Hold  for the following Quests:

  • No related Quests


Diablo 4 Garan Hold Walkthrough

Once you enter the dungeon, continue following the main path, you will then encounter multiple enemies along the way. Be wary of traps such as spikes that rise from the ground and falling debris, they are placed all across the dungeon. To locate the Idols, refer to your map, they are indicated with white icons. Once you find and destroy all three Idols, head to the Halls of Cinder. Now you would need to head over to the area where you found one of the Idols, beside it is a large door that's already opened, and was closed earlier with a sigil. Go through the door and you will enter a room, kill all enemies in the room and destroy the Ancient Totems, then activate the two levers to dispel the barrier blocking the path ahead.

Proceed to the next area and head over to the Halls of Cinder. Once you reach the area, you would need to slay Keeper Xor'lim and collect Garan's Key from him. He can be found by referring to your map, he is indicated with a skull icon. After defeating him, retrieve Garan's Key and continue following the main path, it'll lead you to the Chamber Door. As you make your way to the Chamber Door, be wary of Fallen Lunatics.

Once you go through the door and past the hallway, you will now face the Spiritcaller of Flames. This boss can summon fire stakes in the area that can multiply his fire projectiles as it bounces off of them. It also has the ability to summon more enemies in the area to aid him in battle. Try to move around while constantly attacking the boss, and be wary of the stakes. After defeating the boss, the dungeon is completed.


D4 Enemies & Bosses in Garan Hold


  • Fallen
  • Skeletons

Garan Hold Notes & Tips

  • Dungeons are instanced domains that offer a sanctuary for brave adventurers. They are thematically related to the region in which they are found, but their layout is randomized. Each Dungeon has their own Boss as well as a related Legendary Aspect that they reward, once completed. Players are also awarded 30 Renown points by completing a dungeon.
  • All notes and tips about Garan Hold go here…


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