Garan Hold Key

Demonic creatures infests this former hunting lodge. Fallen shaman conduct vile rituals, summoning more of their kin and endlessly spreading their scourge into the sorrouding forest
Rank 15
Affix normal_2_modifier_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guide_20pxLightning Pulse
Related Dungeon -
Where to Find -

Garan Hold Key is a Dungeon Key in Diablo 4Dungeon Keys allow the player to enter higher level Dungeons with special affixes, increased difficulty and better drop chance.


Garan Hold Key Usage

  • It can be used to access ??? Dungeon.


Garan Hold Key Affixes

  • Lightning Pulse: A rock follows you around dealing AoE damage through the entire Dungeon.


How to Find Garan Hold Key

  • Can be acquired from ??? located at ???



Garan Hold Key Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here



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