Glyphs in Diablo 4 are special items found throughout the Sanctuary region. Glyphs can be used once Players have already reached Level 50 and unlocked the Paragon Boards. They are an extra variable to the character's build, only once the Paragon Boards have become available.


How to Use Glyphs

Glyphs are found throughout the Sanctuary region. Then, by entering the Paragon Board menu, available Glyphs will be on the left side of the menu. Glyphs can be placed into activated Socket tiles. Every Glyph has a radius in the Paragon Boards affecting all the Active Tiles around inside this radius, boosting the stats of the nearby Tiles. Players can also Level Up Glyphs in order to increase their radius size and the number of affected Tiles, by delving into some particularly dangerous dungeons.


The Paragon system is an endgame feature, unlocked by reaching Level 50. The Paragon Boards add another layer of character customization, similar to the Skills system as players need to earn Paragon Points to later spend them on Tiles, but the Paragon Boards are much more extense and customizable than Skills. However, the Paragon system does not replace the Skill system, as the character customization is comformed by both systems interacting to each other as Paragon affect passively on player Stats and Skills


All Glyphs in Diablo IV

More Information about Glyphs will be added soon!

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