Location Kyovashad
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Idania is an NPC in Diablo 4. Idania can be found at Kyovashad. Idania is a merchant whom players can interact with to purchase Rings and Amulets.


Diablo 4 Idania Information


Where to find Idania in Diablo 4

Idania can be found at:

  • Kyovashad, at the west from the main waypoint of the city

idania map location diablo4 wiki guide 300px


Idania Shop in Diablo 4

The following items can be purchased from Idania:

Ring 2307gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px
Band 2629gold currency diablo4 wiki fextralife 25px


Diablo 4 Idania Quests

  • __quests__


Idania Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore go here


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