Jagged Shoals

Region Scosglen

Jagged Shoals is a Location in Diablo 4. Jagged Shoals is located at Scosglen region. There are different regions that players can explore to find various World Events, Enemies, Dungeons, Bosses, NPCs and Equipment.


Jagged Shoals Information

The Jagged Shoals are located north-east of Corbach. It's a low area flooded with water and enemies.


Jagged Shoals NPCs & Merchants

  • NPC/Merchants


Jagged Shoals Quests, Dungeons and World Events



World Events:


Enemies & Bosses in Jagged Shoals



  • ???


Jagged Shoals Lore & Tips

  • Lore & Tips about the Location


Jagged Shoals Map




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