Daughter of Hatred and creator of Sanctuary

Lilith is a core character in the world of Diablo IV. She is the daughter of Mephisto (Lord of Hatred) and one of the creators of Sanctuary. Lilith is also mother of the first Nephalem, which makes her "Mother" of all human race.

 Lilith Backstory

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred and as such she earned the title "Daughter of Hatred" she is also the "Queen of the Succubi". She was growing tired of the Eternal Conflict and had an equally bad opinion ont he Prime Evils (Her father Mephisto, Baal and Diablo) and their approach on the conflict.

Lilith meets with Inarius

After one the battles, she was able to capture an Angel by the name of Inarius and took him prisoner. When Inarius woke up, he started mumbling about how he wanted to be free of the eternal conflict. Lilith became interested and used her charms as the Queen of the Succubi to charm Inarius. Inarius became obsessed with her, and she told him that they had to steal the Worldstone so that they could escape to create a new world and be together away from the Eternal Conflict.

The Birth of Sanctuary

They gathered a small party of followers (composed of other angels and demons that wanted to escape the Eternal Conflict) and stormed the Pandemonium Fortress to steal the Worldstone. After that, they escaped and created the world now known as Sanctuary where they could live in peace away from the Eternal Conflict.

The First Nephalem

Lilith and Inarius became partners and had a son called Rathma. This was the first time that an Angel and a Demon had offspring and it resulted in the creation of the Nephalem race (half demon, half angel). Shortly after, the other demons and angels also started mating and many Nephalem were born. After some time, the parents discovered that their children were far more powerful than them and they began to worry that they might become a threat to themselves or that they could lure the attention of Heaven and Earth. Some parties suggested that the Nephalem should be eradicated while others wanted them to live. Inarius stood up and asked for a time to reflect on the matter.

Banished into The Void

Lilith became hostile to both Angels and Demons who suggested that the Nephalem should be eradicated, and so she started killing them. Most of these Angels and Demons where followers of Inarius so a fight between Lilith and Inarus took place where Inarius stood victorious. He had previously sworn to protect Lilith from any harm, including from his own, so he decided to banish her into The Void. After this Inarius manipulated the Worldstone so that the Nephalem would start loosing their power after each generation until they stopped being a threat.



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