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Lizveth is an NPC in Diablo 4. Lizveth can be found in the city of  Kyovashad. Lizveth is a Purveyor of Curiosities that offers a gambling-like experience for players looking to upgrade their Equipment. Using Obols, a currency obtained from completing Local Events and Cursed Chest events within Dungeons, players can purchase a random item for a specific gear slot. The rarity of the item obtained is completely randomized and can range from Common to Legendary. With a bit of luck and some saved-up Obols, players can potentially strike gold at The Purveyor of Curiosities.


Diablo 4 Lizveth Information


Lizveth Shop in Diablo 4

The following items can be purchased from Lizveth. Note that when you purchase one of these weapon types or armor pieces, you will receive a random item of the selected type. Only the Whispering Key is a fixed purchase.

Wand 50  
Staff 75  
Tunic 40  
Gloves 25  
Boots 25  
Pants 40  
Whispering Key 20  


Where to find Lizveth in Diablo 4

Lizveth can be found:

  • In the city of Kyovashad, from Veroka the Alchemist, go to the southeast following the main path and the stairs

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Diablo 4 Lizveth Quests

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Lizveth Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore go here


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