Local Events in Diablo 4 are special optional short Quests that players can complete to obtain special rewards such as Murmuring Obols. These spontaneous events usually only last a few minutes and require players to clear out just a few objectives within the event area, including one optional Mastery objective at a chance to grow the event rewards. Events are encountered at different times throughout different locations. A nearby event will notify players and will be marked on your map. World Events can be completed alone, but some of them, like bigger bosses, may require the cooperation of many players. Below you can see a list of all Local Events in Diablo 4 and where to find them.


What You Need to Know About Local Events

local events icon diablo 4 wiki guideLocal Events or World Events in Diablo 4 are one of a few types of events that can be encountered while exploring the map. These events usually occur in localized locations and can reoccur. When an event is active, an area on the Map will be highlighted in an orange circle. Hover over the circle to display the Event level. This will also inform you that an Event is Nearby in this location. Enter the highlighted area to join the event and actively view your objectives. These events offer small tasks that you can complete for rewards and are the only way to obtain Murmuring Obols, which are used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities


Types of Local Events

Local Events are events that can randomly be encountered while exploring the sanctuary. They appear in open areas and may appear outdoors or indoors. When a local event is active, it will be highlighted on the map. These local events are sorted into local open-area outdoor events and Special Zone Events that typically occur in specific types of Locations, unlike regular open-area events. There are currently four known Special Zone Events located around the College of Light, Camp Trenchfoot, Kor Vos, and the Radiance Field Cemetary.


How to Join Events in Diablo 4

Players can join any nearby by entering the event area circle indicated by the highlighted orange circle on the map. Players will immediately be notified of the Event Title along with the event objective in order to progress through the Local Event. 

local events area diablo 4 wiki guide min

Local Events Rewards

By participating in Local Events marked by orange circles in the game world of Diablo 4, you can earn various rewards. Each event has two objectives: a main objective and a mastery objective. Upon completing the main objective, you will receive gold, experience points, and a Greater Radiant Chest. The chest may contain crafting materials, gems, equipment, and Murmuring Obols, which can be used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities. If you complete the Mastery objective, the number of Murmuring Obols you receive will increase. While some events are timed and take only 2-4 minutes, others may require more time and effort to complete. 


Where to Find Local Events Diablo 4

Local Events can be found in various fixed locations throughout the game world. These locations include large open areas as well as special settings like fortresses. When an event is available, an orange circle will appear in the area, and all objectives for the event will take place inside the circle. It's worth noting that circles in special zones tend to be larger. An arrow on your minimap will also guide you toward the general direction of any active nearby event. Players can see all Local event Locations by filtering Local Events on the Diablo 4 Interactive Map

local events map diablo 4 wiki guide
[View Diablo 4 Interactive Map]


Local Event Duration Diablo 4

Events usually only last a few minutes. Players do not have to be present at the very start of the event to participate and may already find other players in the game already working on getting through the event.  Mastery objectives will even challenge players with an objective that will need to be fulfilled within a specific time limit that usually ranges between 1- 2 minutes.


Completing Events in Diablo

Players will want to successfully complete any encountered events to gain Murmuring Obols and use them to trade for valuable equipment. Complete events by fulfilling the displayed objective. This is also then usually accompanied by a Mastery objective that is an additional optional objective but can grant greater rewards. Mastery objectives usually include a time limit to the task to add to the challenge and urgency of the objective. Follow the objective instructions until the end of the event to complete it.



All Local Events in Diablo 4

Quick Search of All Local Events

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Ancients’ Obelisk

Open Area
  • Stand on the pressure plates to satiate them: 0/4
  • Mastery: Satiate all 4 obelisks before time runs out (2 minutes)

Ancient Syphon

Open Area
  • Survive the assault
  • Mastery: Satiate 3 Ancient Syphons by slaying enemies near them in time (1 minute, 15 seconds)

Caravan Under Siege

Open Area
  • Protect the survivors and fend off the ambush
  • Mastery: Ensure that all survivors stay alive during the event (1:15 min).

Combat Altar

Open Area
  • Survive the attack
  • Mastery: Collect enemies' souls: 0/30 (1 min)

Cull the Wicked

Special Zone 
(College of Light)
  • Clear a designated zone of all enemies
  • Mastery: Defeat the Elite enemy within 1 minute

Cursed Hatchery

Open Area
  • Protect the Villagers: 3 Remain (1 min)
  • Mastery: Ensure the survival of all the trapped survivors. (1 minute)

Defiled Ground

Open Area
  • Survive the assault
  • Mastery: Destroy the enemy construct

Hold your Ground

Special Zone 
(Camp Trenchfoot)
  • Objective: Survive the enemy waves: 5
  • Mastery: Protect the Wanderer

Insatiable Hunger

Open Area
  • Slay enemies before they are sacrificed to the Devourer/  Slay the possessed enemy before it is sacrificed to the Devourer of Souls
  • Mastery: Have less than 3 enemies sacrificed (Sacrifices Remaining (3)

Jar of Souls

Open Area
  • Survive the assault
  • Mastery: Collect 30 enemy souls before time runs out (1 minute)


Special Zone 
(Kor Vos)
  • Free all the prisoners
  • Mastery: Defeat the Elite enemy within 1 minute

Raze the Effigies

Special Zone
(Radiance Field Cemetary)
  • Enter the Radiance Field Cemetary
  • Destroy the enemy structures: 3 - 6
  • Mastery: Complete the objective within 60 seconds

Rites of Ascension

Open Area
  • Stop the ritual and defeat the Unascended
  • Mastery: Slay the unascended before the rites are complete

Wave of Darkness

Open Area
  • Slay the enemies
  • Mastery: Defeat 5 waves (1 min)

Wayward Soul

Open Area
  • Escort the Wayward Soul to their loved one
  • Mastery: Safely escort the Wayward Soul to their loved one before time runs out.

Webbed Hatchery

Open Area
  • Search the cocoons for Villagers: 0/3
  • Protect the Villagers: 3 (1 min)
  • Slay the remaining Spiders
  • Mastery: Keep all the Villagers alive


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