Local Events in Diablo 4 are special optional Quests that players can complete to obtain rewards. World Events can be completed alone, but some of them, like bigger bosses, may require the cooperation of many players. Below you can see a list of all World Events in Diablo 4 and where to find them.


Where to Find Local Events

Local Events can be found in various fixed locations throughout the game world. These locations include large open areas as well as special settings like fortresses. When an event is available, an orange circle will appear in the area, and all objectives for the event will take place inside the circle. It's worth noting that circles in special zones tend to be larger.


Local Events Rewards

By participating in Local Events marked by orange circles in the game world of Diablo 4, you can earn various rewards. Each event has two objectives: a main objective and a mastery objective. Upon completing the main objective, you will receive gold, experience points, and a Greater Radiant Chest. The chest may contain crafting materials, gems, equipment, and Murmuring Obols, which can be used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities. If you complete the Mastery objective, the number of Murmuring Obols you receive will increase. While some events are timed and take only 2-4 minutes, others may require more time and effort to complete.




All Local Events in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, you can participate in Local Events marked by orange circles. These events offer small tasks that you can complete for rewards, and are the only way to obtain Murmuring Obols, which are used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities.



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