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Lucky hit effects can be found on items and Skills, and they provide a percentage chance for something to happen

Lucky Hit is a powerful game mechanic in Diablo 4. Lucky Hit can be found on both Skills and Items, and provides a percentage chance for something to happen. It adds a layer of unpredictability and randomness, which in turn enhances the player's engagement and challenge. In terms of the mechanics, the higher your Lucky Hit stat, the higher your odds of triggering these effects, thereby having a direct influence on how you strategize and engage in combat within the game. The presence of Lucky Hit on various skills and items makes it an integral component of game strategy


Diablo 4 Lucky Hit Information

  • Lucky hit effects can be found on items and Skills, and they provide a percentage chance for something to happen.
    • For example, the Barbarian's Pressure Point passive gives your core skills up to a 30% chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds. However, you also need to consider the lucky hit chance of the skill you are using, as each core skill has its own lucky hit chance. 
    • Calculating the odds of a lucky hit occurring when using a particular Skill involves multiplying the percentage chance of the lucky hit effect with the lucky hit chance of the skill. For instance, Upheaval has a 20% lucky hit chance, so when calculating the odds of the Pressure Point passive occurring when hitting an enemy with Upheaval, you need to multiply 30% by 20% to get a 6% chance overall on hits.
  • So to calculate Lucky Hit to actually happen, you have to do the following simple math (Note that for this example we will use the same skills previously provided):
  • Some skills can have up to 100% lucky hit chance, but this does not mean that lucky hits will happen every time you use the Skill. Instead, it means that you get the full value of the lucky hit chance.
  • Note that critical hits and overpowers are not related to lucky hit chance and are calculated separately. Also, some lucky hit effects have additional requirements that must be met for them to trigger, such as using a certain type of skill or weapon, or against certain types of enemies.


Diablo 4 Lucky Hit Mechanic Explained

Lucky Hit is a potent game mechanic in Diablo 4 that determines the frequency of specific abilities and effects being activated. Every active skill in the game has a Lucky Hit attribute, and it designates the probability of that skill resulting in a Lucky Hit. The more your Lucky Hit chance, the greater your frequency of scoring Lucky Hits.

The element of Random Number Generation (RNG) plays a role in Diablo 4 Lucky Hit mechanic, implying that even Skills with a high Lucky Hit probability won't always score a Lucky Hit each time they're used. Nevertheless, from a statistical viewpoint, a greater Lucky Hit chance equates to more frequent Lucky Hits.

Various game effects can be activated when a Lucky Hit takes place. These effects have individual trigger probabilities, meaning that even if one effect fails to trigger, others might still be activated. Therefore, stacking multiple D4 Lucky Hit effects can improve the probability of these activations.


How to increase my Lucky Hit in Diablo 4

Players can enhance their Lucky Hit chances by locating Lucky Hit attributes on their gear and subsequently upgrading these attributes. The increased chance is added to the skill's base Lucky Hit chance. Consequently, more regular attacks are converted into Lucky Hits, leading to more chances for triggering Lucky Hit effects.

Several class-specific passives can be activated on Lucky Hit, each with their unique result like generating a corpse, initiating an explosion, or recovering all Spirit, among others. Hence, adding and boosting Lucky Hit in your builds can lead to powerful effects and substantial damage.

In summary, Lucky Hit in Diablo 4 is a key mechanic that determines the likelihood of activating certain abilities and effects. The higher your Diablo IV Lucky Hit chance, the more often you land Lucky Hits, leading to more frequent activation of various game effects. By strategically integrating and maximizing Lucky Hit in your character builds, you can substantially amplify your character's power and efficiency.




Diablo 4 Lucky Hit Mechanic Complete Guide



Skills, Stats & Weapons that provide Lucky Hit in Diablo 4

The following Skills provide Lucky Hit:





The following Equipment provide Lucky Hit


  • Example


  • Example


Diablo 4 Lucky Hit Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore for Lucky Hit goes here

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      So how does one find out the lucky hit chance of a skill? It seems to me that can confuse a lot of players and instead of saying something will have a 30% chance to proc if it actually only has a 6% chance, then it would make more sense to just say it has a 6% chance to proc.

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