Main Quests in Diablo 4 are mandatory mission that players must complete in order to finish the storyline and reach the following difficulty level. Main quests can be acquired by some events, NPCs or by finishing other Main Quests. In this page players can find all Main Quests in Diablo 4, where to acquire them and how to complete them. You may also want to see Walkthrough or Game Progress Route for more information on story progression.

All Main Quests in Diablo 4

Main Quests in Diablo 4


A Light in the Dark

You will start the game inside the Corbach Crypts with the quest A Light in the Dark. You need to make your way through the dungeon until you find a tomb with the Old Chieftain's Lantern on top of it.
Take the Lantern and a hole in the wall will open. Continue and you will eventually find a way to exit the Corbach Crypts.
Once you escape the crypts head north to Corbach and talk to Chieftain Nora Corse she can to the left inside the village. Chielftain Nora Corse will ask you to talk to Arrin Corse and the quest will be complete.

Call of the Deep

You will find Arrin Corse in the hut located to the left of Chieftain Nora Corse. After speaking to him, head East through the Loch Raeth Highlands and the Jagged Shoals until you reach the Drowning Caverns.
Keep going through the cavern until you find two ghosts next to a cliff. A small scene will happen and you'll be able to reach Drowning Caverns Level 2. Follow the path until you reach Drowning Caverns: Merinth's Maw where a boss fight will begin against Merinth of the Deep, Drowned Witch. Once you defeat the boss, head back to Corbach and talk to Chieftain Nora Corse to complete the quest.




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