Mounts in Diablo 4 is a new feature that allows players to ride different kind of mounts to travel through the world of Sanctuary. Using a Mount allows the player to quickly travel across the Open-World Map.

In Diablo 4 there are different types of mounts that can be found throughout the word, from completing puzzles, or just finding in hidden locations or by slaying particular kinds of monsters. Also, you can customize your horse by adding Horse Armor, Hoof Plates, horse shoes that change the speed which your horse can run and much more. 


How to Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4

Mounts in Diablo 4 are not unlocked automatically, and even though players have to head to the stables during Act 1.  Players have to complete a Priority Quest called Donan's Favor. It can be found at Kyovashad and allows players to unlock their first Mount.

Once players unlock their first mount, all the characters in your account gain access to Mounts. Players will also complete the Mount Up challenge.

Mounts Tips and general information in Diablo 4

  • Note that once acquired, each mount will be available to all characters on your account.
  • Once acquired, you can summon a Mount by pressing Z.
  • While mounted, press spacebar for a burst of speed to pass through enemies. Keep in mind that your mount can get scared around too many monsters. If the bar fills completely, you'll be knocked off.
  • You can select your summoned mount and customize its equipment at the Stable Master.


All Diablo 4 Mount Skills

While mounted, players have different skills at their disposal. Spur and Dismount are normal skills available to all Classes. There is also a third skill, called Dismount skills that unlike the previous two, it is unique and depends on the Class the player has chosen.

Mount Skills Gallery
Mount Skills Comparison Table






Spur All Classes (Barbarian, Druid, NecromancerRogue and Sorceress) Make the mount move faster. 
Dismount All Classes (BarbarianDruidNecromancerRogue and Sorceress) Jump off mount.
Volley Rogue only Leap upwards from your mount and unleash a volley of arrows, dealing X [70%].
physical damage icon diablo iv wikiPhysical Damage
Requires a Ranged Weapon
Bounding Slam Barbarian only Leap from your mount and pummel the ground twice, dealing  X [75%] damage and Stunning enemies.
physical damage icon diablo iv wikiPhysical Damage
Requires a Two-Handed Weapon
Freezing Wake Sorceress only Crystallize into a rushing wisp of ice, dealing X [60%] damage to and Freezing enemies in your path for 2 seconds.
cold damage icon diablo 4 wiki guideCold Damage
Bone Spike Necromancer only Leap from your mount and slam the ground, unleashing trails of spikes that deal X [80%] damage and Stun enemies for 2 seconds.
physical damage icon diablo iv wikiPhysical Damage
Pummel Druid only Shapeshift into a Werebear as you leap from your mount and slam the ground, dealing X [140%] damage and Knocking Down enemies hit for 2.5 seconds.
physical damage icon diablo iv wikiPhysical Damage



Mounts In Diablo 4

Mounts Gallery
Mounts Comparison Table


mount diablo4 wiki guide 300px



mount 1 diablo4 wiki guide 300px



mount 2 diablo4 wiki guide 300px









How to Get

Light Bearer  
Old Nell Steed Complete Donan's Favor Priority Quest



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