Mounts in Diablo 4 is a new feature that allows players to ride different kind of mounts to travel through the world of Sanctuary. Using a Mount allows the player to quickly travel across the Open-World Map.

In Diablo 4 there are different types of mounts that can be found throughout the word, from completing puzzles, or just finding in hidden locations or by slaying particular kinds of monsters. Also, you can customize your horse by adding Horse Armor, Hoof Plates, horse shoes that change the speed which your horse can run and much more. 


Dismount Skills

In Diablo 4 there are dismount skills, like Ice Dash where the Sorceress can shoots forwards off her mount and inflicts damage on everything in her path. In other hand, with the Rogue, you can leap up into the air and fire down the Rain of Arrows that destroy everything. So, with this type of class, you can Leaping from four saddles and raining arrows down your enemies as you pass by, then get in the fray and starting to stab and poison enemies. You are being able to jump in, engange with enemies form your horse and then duke it out using your skills. 

Your mount can't be damage but if an enemy attacks you while you're mounted, you will be forced to dismount. 


Sorcererss Dismount

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Rogue Dismount

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Mounts In Diablo 4

Mounts Gallery
Mounts Comparison Table


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How to Get

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