Numbling Cold

Sorceress Cold Talent Tree

Chilled enemies deal X% less damage to you.

Numbling Cold in Diablo 4 is a Sorceress Talent. Sorceress Talents are passive abilities that increase the Sorceress effectiveness in combat. Sorceress Talents in Diablo IV can be Ranked by spending Talent Points. Most Talents can be Ranked up to 5 levels, increasing their effects. On this page you will find out what Numbling Cold does on each rank level.



Numbling Cold Information

Talent Lvl Effect
1 ??
2 ??
3 ??
4 ??
5 ??



Numbling Cold Notes & Tips

  • Notes on Numbling Cold go here
  • Tips on Numbling Cold go here



Sorceress Talents
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