Online in Diablo 4 refers to the interaction between players in the world of Sanctuary. Players can find information on various mechanics that are applied and guidelines for those who wish to play online with other players. This includes playing amongst friends on the same team or fighting against players in PvP. Find out how to activate these features, how to form a party, and how rewards are dealt while in various multiplayer modes. 


Online Information for Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Multiplayer Modes

Events and world bosses were created to be taken down together with other players on the server. Anyone can choose to partake in an event or pass up on it. Larger groups can team up to take down world bosses and reap the rewards and loot together. Since these bosses and events are large, it would be even more beneficial to decide to take them down or tackle these tasks in a group. As this is happening, you will be able to view all present players actively working together to fight a world boss or complete an event.  This can be done via online multiplayer, supporting crossplay, as well as couch coop. 

Playing in Coop can be beneficial, vanquishing demons while near other players grants you 5% more experience, 10% if near a member of your party.

Crossplay in Diablo 4

  • Diablo 4 takes place in a shared world where they have fully enabled crossplay on different platforms whether it be a PC or console. 

Couch Co-op

  • The same experiences can be shared in person, allowing couch coop multiplayer options. This mode is only available for console players. This allows the game to be a more social experience, bringing this feature back from previous Diablo games. 


How to access Co-op Diablo 4

To form a group, enter the options menu and navigate to your Social Tab. This is where you can view all your friends or Add A Friend. Input your friends' Battle Tag information and you'll be given the option to Invite them to your party. 


Multiplayer Mechanics Diablo 4

Players in parties will allow you to gain a 10% boost to any EXP gained. Though XP earned as a group is shared, loot is gained individually. 

Cross-Save in Diablo 4

Since Cross-Play is a feature officially announced in Diablo 4, players can also save their progression to be available on all platforms. 


PvP Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, zones have been created and designated for Player-vs-Player combat. To add to the social experience, there are set zones that players can enter that are designated for PvP combat known as the Fields of Hatred. As long as players are within the zone, players can freely attack others, but must also be wary of being attacked.  A unique feature will mark highly skilled players as champions on the map within these zones and will be direct targets for other players to look for. Taking down these marked champions will grant the attacker additional rewards. 


Fields of Hatred Diablo 4

Fields of Hatred are special PvP areas in Diablo 4. The Fields are found in the open-world. Players can enter these areas at will, where they will be able to engage in PvP against other players. Players can also collect Shards of Hatred in these zones, from defeating other players, as well as killing monsters in the zone. Special merchants are found in the Fields where players can spend their Red Dust Shards.


World Bosses & Crowd Control

Players will be able to fight powerful World Bosses with the help of other fellow Heroes. A new stagger mechanic has been implemented allowing players to stack Crowd Control spells to reach the threshold and thus stunning and debilitating the Boss. These bosses are located on specific Locations and defeating them will provide a Reward.


Fields of Hatred Online Guide

Entering the Fields of Hatred

There are two Fields of Hatred locations on the Map in the Dry Steppes region. Enter the location initially and you will be prompted with a PvP guide. The tutorial with teach players how to activate the Bloodmark, which is required to engage in PvP.


PvP in the Fields of Hatred

Players who Mark themselves for Blood can begin engaging in PvP. Only others who bear the Bloodmark within the PvP zones can be attacked. Killing other players and collecting shards will infuse you with the Curse of Mephisto, and eventually become a Vessel of Hatred. When this happens, every player within a large radius will be made aware of the player on their map. Killing a Vessel of Hatred gives a bonus. If the Vessel stays alive within the area, they get a large bonus at the end of the event. 


How to Activate Your Bloodmark 

To mark for blood, players will need to bring up their Emote wheel where there will be an option to Mark for Blood. Players that are Bloodmarked can then begin attacking other players.  

pvp popup diablo 4 wiki guide


Removing the Bloodmark

If you wish to end your PvP interactions players can then interact with the Altar of Cleansing to remove the Bloodmark. The Altar of Cleansing can also be found at each Fields of Hatred area. With the Bloodmark removed, players can still remain in the Fields of Hatred and PvP zones however they will not be able to attack other players or be attacked by other players.  


Vessel of Hatred Mark Diablo 4

This mark is earned if a player managed to slay multiple other players. Gain hatred by defeating players. This puts a mark and a high reward on your head making you a prioritized target and granting other players great rewards in exchange for your death. Surviving this ordeal will grant you that same reward. Likewise, slaying other players with a Vessel of Hatred will also grant you great rewards.

Rewards in the Fields of Hatred

Engage in Combat in the Fields of Hatred to gain rewards such as Seeds of Hatred and Shards of Hatred. While a player is Bloodmarked, these items will always be at risk and will be lost if you die. To secure your rewards, locate an Altar of Extraction to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, which can be spent at various Vendors. You can track your Seeds of Hatred gains by checking the top right corner next to your minimap. There will be a PvP Event title with a Seed counter below it. This can help you decide when it is time to head to the Altar of Extraction. 


Red Dust in Diablo 4

red dust currency icon diablo 4 wiki guide Red Dust in Diablo 4 is a type of currency that can only be obtained in Diablo 4's Endgame PvP within the Fields of Hatred PvP Zone. Red Dust is obtained after taking earned Seeds of Hatred to an Altar of Extraction for the purification process. A timer will then be displayed in place of your Seed of Hatred counter. The Ritual of Hatred must be completed for this to be successful which will bring your Seeds of Hatred counter to 0.  You can then spend your newly purified Red Dust at Red Dust merchants. Specific special Merchants within the Fields of Hatred will only accept Red Dust in exchange for their goods and services.


Red Dust Merchants

Specific Special merchants will only accept red dust currency icon diablo 4 wiki guideRed Dust in exchange for goods. These merchants are typically found in the Fields of Hatred.  Their unique stock may include uncommon items and gear such as cosmetics and mount gear. These special Merchants are typically found around the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan Regions. Vendors that only accept Red Dust will have a Red Dust mark on the lower left corner of their Vendor Icon. 

odds and ends merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guidecursed scroll merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideunsavory oddities merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guideunconventional steed armor merchant icon diablo 4 wiki guide

Fields of Hatred Points of Interest

View all points of interest within the Fields of Hatred by going through the Diablo 4 Interactive Map. Players should be able to encounter the following locations: 


PvP Stats 

 As soon as players enter PVP areas, they will receive different buffs that change how certain mechanics change from the standard areas.




Constant bloodshed has altered the flow of combat in this area +20 Damage over Time
+40% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
+35% Potion Drop Rate
-35% Potion Healing
+8 Seconds to Potion Cooldown
-50% Minion/Companion Health

You are inside the Fields of Hatred! Those who are Bloodmarked may attack or be attacked by any other Players in the area. You can Mark for Blood through the Action Wheel.

You cannot Mount while being attacked by other players.

Killing another players:
Drops their Seeds of Hatred
Heals you for 15% Missing Life
Reduces your Cooldowns by 10 seconds.

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