PVP or Player vs Player in Diablo 4 refers to the mechanics involving fighting other players in the world of Sanctuary. PvP in Diablo 4 takes place in dedicated zones known as "Fields of Hatred." These zones are specifically designed for PvP encounters and provide an environment where players can engage in battles, compete for objectives, or potentially gain rewards related to PvP gameplay. This page covers Diablo 4 PvP mechanics and guidelines for those who wish to engage in combat with other players.


Diablo 4 PvP Guide

Fields of Hatred

Fields of Hatred are special PvP areas in Diablo 4. The Fields are found in the open world. Players can enter these areas at will, where they will be able to engage in PvP against other players. Players can also collect Seeds of Hatred in these zones by defeating other players, as well as killing monsters in the zone. Special merchants are found in the Fields where players can spend their shards.

Killing other players and collecting shards will infuse you with the Curse of Mephisto, and eventually become a Hatred's Chosen. When this happens, every player within a large radius will be made aware of the player on their map. Killing a Hatred's Chosen gives a bonus. If the Vessel stays alive within the area, they get a large bonus at the end of the event.

The Seeds of Hatred you collected from killing monsters and other players can be smashed into Red Dust at the Altar of Extraction. The Red Dust won't be lost even if you get killed in the area, unlike the Seeds. There are cities in the Fields of Hatred, in which players can roam without having to worry about being killed. They can also carry their Seeds of Hatred there.

Red Dust

Once turned from Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust, players can use this currency to acquire different items at the different Merchants in the safe zones. Items are also available for purchase ranging from Mount equipment to player gear. Red Dust is a safe currency that cannot be dropped, and you can also travel to standard non-PvP zones with it.

Balance and Power Scaling in Diablo 4

Balance in PvP pertains to ensuring a level playing field where no single character or strategy dominates. It involves adjusting abilities, stats, or other factors to prevent certain builds or characters from becoming overly dominant, emphasizing the importance of skill, tactics, and decision-making in determining battle outcomes.

Power scaling aims to equalize or normalize player power in PvP. It mitigates the impact of character progression, gear, or level disparities on PvP encounters, allowing players to rely more on their individual skills, strategies, and teamwork rather than solely on the raw power of their characters.

In Diablo 4's PvP, balance, and power scaling are likely implemented within the dedicated PvP zones, the "Fields of Hatred," to establish fairness and competitiveness. The specific methods or systems employed for achieving balance and power scaling in Diablo 4 have not been extensively disclosed.

Seeds of Hatred

Players earn Seeds of Hatred by killing enemies in a PvP Zone. This is one of the currencies that players can encounter in these areas. Seeds of Hatred can be turned into Red Dust using an Altar of Extraction, which can be found in these areas. Once activated, the Altar of Extraction, starts the process of turning your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust. This takes a short while, during that time, you will be assaulted by more enemies than usual, and nearby players will receive a notification that a player has activated the Altar. 

If Enemies or another Player kills you, you will drop any Seeds of Hatred you are carrying. Also, if you leave the PVP area while holding any Seeds of Hatred, they will be irrevocably lost forever.

Once Seeds of Hatred have been turned into Red Dust, they won't be lost by leaving the PvP area, or by being killed.

PVP Modes in Diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment had not extensively revealed specific details about the various PvP modes in Diablo 4. However, drawing from the general expectations and previous experiences with the Diablo franchise, we can speculate on potential PvP modes that might be included in the game. It's important to remember that this information is speculative and subject to change during the ongoing development process.

One potential PvP mode is Team Deathmatch, where two or more teams compete to eliminate each other's players. Points are earned for defeating opponents, and the team with the highest score at the end of a set time limit or reaching a target score emerges as the winner.

Another mode could be Capture the Flag, involving teams striving to capture and safeguard the enemy team's flag while protecting their own. Scoring points are based on successful flag captures or holding the flag for a specific duration.

Diablo 4 might also introduce objective-based modes, where teams engage in PvP battles while aiming to achieve specific goals within the PvP zone. These objectives may include controlling strategic points, escorting non-player characters, securing valuable resources, and adding strategic depth to PvP encounters.

Additionally, Dueling may be available as a one-on-one PvP mode, allowing players to engage in fair and controlled combat against each other. This mode provides an opportunity to test individual skills and strategies through direct confrontations.

It's essential to note that the aforementioned list is speculative and based on general expectations for PvP modes in action RPG games like Diablo. Diablo 4's developers may introduce unique and innovative PvP modes that have not been mentioned here.


PvP Stats

Players entering the PvP zones will receive different buffs and stats that will change how certain mechanics normally behave from the standard, non-PvP areas. This is done to level the playing field among participants, and to prevent a single character, build, or player to dominate the zone. Instead, they will rely on their skills, gameplay, and strategies.

There are 2 buffs that you will have on your character once you enter the PvP zones. You may view the description, buffs, and debuffs accordingly: 

pvp buffs diablo 4 wiki guide min

pvp buffs character diablo 4 wiki guide min

Character Buff/Stats in PvP zones






Enmity of the Fallen Constant bloodshed has altered the flow of combat in this area +20 Damage over Time
+40% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
+35% Potion Drop Rate
-35% Potion Healing
+8 Seconds to Potion Cooldown
-50% Minion/Companion Health
Echoes of Bloodlust

You are inside the Fields of Hatred! Those who are Bloodmarked may attack or be attacked by any other Players in the area. You can Mark for Blood through the Action Wheel.

You cannot Mount while being attacked by other players.

Killing another player:
Drops their Seeds of Hatred
Heals you for 15% Missing Life
Reduces your Cooldowns by 10 seconds.


Diablo 4 PvP Bloodmarked Guide

In Diablo 4, players have the choice to participate or not in player-versus-player (PvP) combat through an opt-in system. Unlike automatically thrusting players into PvP encounters, opt-in PvP grants players the freedom to determine when and where they want to engage in PvP battles. 

Specifically, Diablo 4 designates specific zones called "Fields of Hatred" for PvP combat. These zones create an environment where players can partake in PvP encounters and potentially compete for resources and objectives. However, it's essential to understand that engaging in PvP within these zones is completely voluntary.

To join PvP, begin by accessing the wheel and then selecting 'Bloodmarked.' Some changes that will occur visually is your character will now have a red ring around his feet and the icon above the player level bar. By opting in, players actively decide to enter the PvP zones and engage in combat with other players who have made the same choice. This approach allows players to focus on cooperative and player versus environment (PvE) gameplay outside of the PvP zones, promoting a more cooperative experience.

bloodmarked wheel pvp diablo 4 wiki guide minbloodmarked icon pvp diablo 4 wiki guide minbloodmarked character marker pvp diablo 4 wiki guide min

Once you opt to Bloodmarked, other players can now attack you and vice-versa. When another player or you are killed, any Seeds of Hatred that you are carrying with you will be dropped, and the player who deals the death blow will be healed by 15% of the missing life, while cooldowns will be reduced by 10 seconds.

The opt-in PvP system grants players the flexibility to choose when they want to participate in PvP, allowing them to maintain control over their gameplay experience. It ensures that those interested in PvP can actively seek out battles and compete against like-minded players, while those who prefer a PvE-focused experience can entirely avoid PvP.

Some changes during PvP affecting Damage Reduction and Armor:

PvP Damage Reduction (93.0%)

  • Inherent damage reduction is granted against other Players in PvP.
  • Stacks with all other sources of Damage Reduction.

Armor Contribution (65.0%)

  • The inherent percentage that Armor contributes to your base damage reduction against non-Physical attacks in PvP.
  • The remaining damage reduction is determined by your appropriate Elemental resistance.


How to Opt-out of PvP Diablo 4

If you would like to opt out of PvP, simply return to the safe zone and interact with the Altar of Cleansing. This will remove the Bloodmarked buff from your character, and you can now safely roam the area again without getting attacked by other players.

altar of cleaning pvp diablo 4 wiki guide min



Hatred's Chosen Guide Diablo 4

When you first step into Alzuuda, you will speak with an NPC named Erol. He will tell you about the general things you need to know about Fields of Hatred and other general information about the area. Afterward, a pop-up will appear on your screen and inform you of special events like Hatred's Chosen.

hatreds chosen pop up pvp diablo 4 wiki guide min

When you are in Fields of Hatred and partake in PvP (Player vs Player) combat, there's a chance that the Hatred's Chosen event will be activated. This happens when you defeat multiple players while Bloodmarked. You will become a target and everyone will receive a ping of your position. During this period, you will not be allowed to perform rituals at the Altar of Extraction to convert your Seeds of Hatred.

If you survive this event, you will earn powerful rewards, and if a player successfully kills you, that player will also earn rewards.


Diablo 4 Altar of Extraction Guide


Once you have collected Seeds of Hatred, your next step is to travel to the Altar of Extraction to convert them into Red Dust. In its raw form, Seeds of Hatred cannot be used to purchase anything and if you leave the area with Seeds of Hatred on your inventory, those will be lost forever. Usually, the Altar of Extraction is the last thing on your list when you visit Alzuuda or Fields of Hatred.

To begin this ritual, you will first need to travel to its remote location. This area is located towards the Southwest of Alzuuda, and here are the events that will happen:

  • Interact with Altar of Extraction (This will automatically have your character Bloodmarked or PvP opt-in).
  • The Ritual will begin and continue for 50 seconds.
  • Monsters will swarm in your area.
  • Players will be made aware of the ritual, and they are free to attack you during this window.
  • The Ritual is completed and you now have your Red Dust.
  • PvP is switched off automatically.

altar of extraction pvp diablo 4 wiki guidealtar of extraction progress pvp diablo 4 wiki guidealtar of extraction ritual completed diablo 4 wiki guide

Interacting with the Altar of Extraction will automatically make you a target. All players in the area will be made aware of the ritual that is ongoing and if they are within range of the area, then they can attack you. Dying in the fields of hatred will cause you to drop your Seeds of Hatred. In order to avoid this, you can either get the right timing by making sure that no one is in the area or form a party and have them look out for you. 

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