Quests in Diablo 4 consist of a variety of missions and tasks that the player can acquire throughout the game. Diablo 4 features a Main Quest line and Side Quests and Local Events for the player to enjoy.

Players can use the Map & Journal to keep a track of Quests and where to the next objective is. If a Quest is selected, the next objective will glow blue on the map. If it's not selected, the player will be able to see a faded gray circle in the map where that objective is located.



Diablo 4 includes a system where they can earn Points by completing certain objectives, such as completing Side Quests, completing Strongholds, etc. to then later exchange those points to get Rewards. It was created to encourage players to explore certain parts of the map, and complete objectives that may not be directly related with main quests.

Renown grants interesting rewards such as Additional Skill Points, Paragon Points and more. The Renown progress is shared between all the characters of a same account, but it's divided between Hardcore and Non-Hardcore characters.

Main Quests Completion

Note that if you manage to complete the main campaign with a single character. You will be able to skip the campaign for any other character that you have in your account. This applies to both characters that were already created before the one who completed the Campaign, and after. 

Doing so also skips the prologue of the game. Players automatically appear in Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks. Besides this change, all waypoints that are within capitol cities are unlocked, as well as the Three of Whispers and its own waypoint.

Do note that Merchants for example, work as intended, and have to be unlocked by having the proper level they demand.


Diablo 4 Quests

Main Quests in Diablo 4 are mandatory mission that players must complete in order to finish the storyline and reach the following difficulty level. Main quests can be acquired by some events, NPCs or by finishing other Main Quests. In this page players can find all Main Quests in Diablo 4, where to acquire them and how to complete them. You may also want to see Walkthrough or Game Progress Route for more information on story progression.

All Main Quests in Diablo 4


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Diablo 4 Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith


Diablo 4 Act 2: The Knife Twists


Diablo 4 Act 3: The Making of Monsters


Diablo 4 Act 4: A Gathering Storm


Diablo 4 Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold


Diablo 4 Act 6: Dance of the Makers


Side Quests in Diablo 4 are option mission that players can complete in order to obtain different rewards. Side quests can be acquired by some events or NPCs. In this page players can find all Side Quests in Diablo 4, where to acquire them and how to complete them. You may also want to see Walkthrough or Game Progress Route for more information on story progression.


All Side Quests in Diablo 4

You can find available quests on the map marked with a large blue exclamation point: !

Once you accept a quest, a secondary objective is marked with either a blue circle on the map to indicate the general location you need to go, or blue diamond icons to indicate a specific object, target, or location to track. Keep in mind that you can't accept more than 20 Side Quests.


Side quests typically require a time investment ranging from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Some quest chains may take up to 15 minutes to complete. However, investing time in completing side quests is worthwhile if you want to increase your Renown in a particular zone.


In addition to Renown points, side quests offer rewards such as Gold, Experience, and sometimes special items or caches of goodies.


Side quests may only become available under certain conditions, which may not be immediately apparent. For example:

After completing a Stronghold, certain NPCs may appear with side quests for you to complete.
Upon reaching certain thresholds (typically every 5 levels), new quests may become highlighted on the map.
The second quest in a chain may only appear after the first quest is completed.


Side Quests List by Region
Side Quests Table


Side Quest List by Region 

Fractured Peaks Side Quests in Diablo 4


Dry Steppes Side Quests in Diablo 4


Scosglen Side Quests in Diablo 4


Hawezar Side Quests in Diablo 4


Kehjistan Side Quests in Diablo 4


Diablo 4 All Side Quests Table

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Quest Region Location Description
Kith and Kin Dry Steppes The Onyx Watchtower An old woman seeks mementos from those who have died of an ancient curse.
A Pound of Flesh Dry Steppes The Onyx Watchtower A man in a gibbet pleads for freedom.
Crucible of Worth Dry Steppes Kotama Grasslands Recover the ancestral weapon of the Oxen Tribe.
Malign Devotion Dry Steppes Kotama Grasslands A tradesman has been recruiting help to rebuild a ruined town
Thieves' Famine Dry Steppes Kotama Grasslands __description__
Blistered Heart Dry Steppes Untamed Scarps The Spider Queen has taken her last victim
Augury of Bones Dry Steppes Untamed Scarps The dead still have answers for those willing to inquire.
Curious Curios Dry Steppes Chambatar Ridge A curio collector seeks strange relics of the Overseers
Weight of Sin Dry Steppes Chambatar Ridge Bring peace to those who only knew sorrow.
Exhuming Faith Dry Steppes Dindai Flats Walk the Zekarum pilgrim path for great rewards.
The Onyx Watchtower Dry Steppes The Onyx Watchtower Explore the Onyx Watchtower
Reject the Mother Dry Steppes Tusmaa Rift A trampled note with a message of defiance
Tarnished Amulet Dry Steppes __location__ __description__
Malign Devotion Dry Steppes Fields of Hatred A tradesman has been recruiting help to rebuild a ruined town. 
Blood and Sweat Dry Steppes Qara Yisu Carry a father's dying wish to his daughter.
Phases of the Moon Dry Steppes Qara Yisu __description__
The Unlucky Ones Dry Steppes The Scarred Coast A guard seeks an uneventful shift.
Old Ways Scosglen Corbach __description__
The Wicked Trophy Scosglen Garan Hold __description__
Where Beasts Lie Scosglen Loch Raeth Highlands __description__
The Fledgling Merchant Scosglen The Emerald Chase A boy in Cerrigar needs help earning a living.
Blood of Brigands Scosglen The Emerald Chase The glenfolk will pay anyone willing to keep the roads safe
Daughter of the Oak Scosglen The Emerald Chase Valley's Tree is weakening and needs help. 
What Ails Thee Scosglen The Emerald Chase A young man worries about the family he left behind. 
Fields of Ruin Scosglen __location__ __description__
Braega's Chronicles Scosglen __location__ Some foul creature was carrying lost works by Donan's wife Braega, possibly stolen during the attack. They belong back at Firebreak Manor.
The Seer Scosglen __location__ __description__
Smoke Signals Scosglen __location__ __description__
Chronicling the Old Ways Scosglen Westering Lowlands Help Moreg chronicle the old ways of Scosglen. The druid Moreg is attempting to preserve ancient druidic knowledge. He has asked me to retrieve Runic Tablets from the wildlife in the Gaothmar Grasslands.
Of Pests and Pestilence Scosglen The Shrouded Moors __description__
Stolen Artifice Scosglen Wailing Hills

A seemingly petty theft has put innocent lives at risk.

A thief named Darcel stole a Runic Charm needed to protect a sick mother and child Without the Charm, the family will surely perish. 

I must find Darcel and return the charm to Merryn in Braestaig.

Votive Passing Scosglen Wailing Hills  __description__
The Starving Strand Scosglen Wailing Hills Help a man send food to his hungry family back home.
Feral Moon Scosglen The Downs Help Edan ward off the strange call
An Acquired Taste Scosglen The Shrouded Moors The people of Tirmair are near starvation. The local hunter told me Thron Beats roaming the Shrouded Moors may be safe to eat but are difficult to trap. I should hunt down these beasts and gather their meat for Atli the hunter.  
Settling the Tab Scosglen The Shrouded Moors A man searches for someone willing to do him a "favor."
Remembering the Goose Scosglen Under the Fat Goose Inn __description__
Ever Faithful Scosglen The Downs A grieving mother wants revenge for her daughter's killer.
Feral Moon Scosglen The Downs Help Edan ward off the strange call. 
The Traveling Scholar Scosglen Deep Forest Escort Scholar Aria to Tur Dulra. 
A Briny Fate Scosglen Northshore Some things are best left at sea.
Stemming the Tide Scosglen Northshore __description__
Side Quest Scosglen Deep Forest __description__
The Diviner Scosglen Tur Dulra Help restore hope to Tur Dulra
Tending Nature Scosglen Tur Dulra Help Moireach tend to her injured bear companion.
A Plea for Aid Scosglen Firebreak Manor Deliver Wilfred's request to Corman the Alchemist in Cerrigat
Depths of Despair Fractured Peaks Desolate Highlands Sister Octavia once again needs your assistance with a suspected demonic possession 
Exorcist's Cache Fractured Peaks __location__ __description__
The Dread Martyr Fractured Peaks __location__ __description__
Sight to Madness Fractured Peaks Desolate Highlands Reclaim Vilek's eyes from the cultists in Nostrava
Menestad Coffers Fractured Peaks __location__ A Cathedral tithe collector seems concerned about a monk she sent to Menestand. She has asked that I search the roads leading to Menestad for a missing monk named Bozan.
Forgive Me Fractured Peaks __location__ I found a bloodied note addressed to Roza of Menestad. If I find her, I should deliver it. 
Flesh and Blood Hawezar Fethis Wetlands Help Yongca discover what happened to her family
Chained Zakarum Repository Hawezar Eriman's Pyre Harvest lingering essence.
Desperate Remedies Hawezar Dismal Foothill A strange outbreak in Wejinhani. has left the Elders with more questions than answers. 
Coiled Grasp Hawezar Umir Plateau A boisterous Crusader is looking for anyone who can hold a sword. 
The Heretic Hawezar Umir Plateau A spate of grisly deaths terrifies a group of villagers who fear a dark power is at work. 
Remnants of Fiath Hawezar Umir Plateau A young Crusader apprentice wishes to carry on her master's legacy. 
Coiled Grasp Hawezar Umir Plateau A boisterous Crusader is looking for anyone who can hold a sword. 
Lost Cause Hawezar Vyeresz These cultists are making a mockery of the Zakarum faith. 
Left Behind Hawezar Vyeresz A young Crusader wants the remains of a friend found. 
Brought to Heel Hawezar Forsaken Coast Help Lumir get back at Glin by making them sick with swamp.
A Debt Repaid Hawezar Forsaken Coast __description__
Dead in the Water Hawezar Forsaken Coast A Backwater resident in need offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of daily life. 
Payment Past Due Kehjistan Scouring Sands 

A destitute miner seeks a lost lockbox.

A man named Nageed asked me to retrieve a lockbox from the mines. Inside are the wages of workers like him, stolen by bandits who now plague the south. I hope there is something left to give back. 

Traces of Iron Kehjistan Scouring Sands

A man wants a dept repaid to the Iron Wolves. 

A man from Tarsarak wants to repay an Iron Wolf mercenary for saving his life. He asked me to deliver an amulet to her. 

Guardians of the Pit Kehjistan Ragged Coastline

There is a growing threat in the Tar Pits. 

Despite a reward, no one has challenged the Champion of the Tar Pits. Heldam of the Iron Wolves is offering me the payment if I can bring down the foe. I need to prove myself by killing the Champion's undead underlings to bring it out of hiding. 

Strayed from the Path Kehjistan Scouring Sands

After the Cathedral's purge on Tarsarak, blood will have blood. 

The Knights Penitent called the town of Tarsarak looking for heretics. Ciniss lost his son during this purge. He hired me to hunt down some of the knights outside town and exact justice.

Endless Fortune Kehjistan __location__

A treasure goblin dropped a journal belonging to Ostaf. I believe there is a vendor with that name in Gea Kul. I should return it to him.

A Cold Faith Kehjistan __location__ I found the body of a pilgrim on his way to some holy place high in the mountains. He didn't get very far. Someone in Margrave may want to know of his fate.
Shadow of Alcarnus Kehjistan Scouring Sands

Stranded refugees are accosted by demons. 

Refugees were attacked on the road by fly demons. The evil from Alcamus seems to have attracted the foul creatures. The travelers will not be able to pass until I clear the way. 

An Errant Flock Kehjistan Caldeum Aid a mysterious armed man and the group of refugees fleeing Caldeum
The Speaking Stone Kehjistan Southern Expanse A local fisherman has a tall tale to share. 
Deadly Trade Kehjistan Southern Expanse A hapless merchant can't fulfill his next shipment. 
Pinch of Poison Kehjistan Southern Expanse Baraim has need of a special ingredient. 
Seeking Refuge Kehjistan Ragged Coastline A traveling group has met an unfortunate fate while traveling to Dahlgur. 
On the Hunt Kehjistan Ragged Coastline A rogue Iron Wolf hunts an elusive mark. 
A Wolf's Honor Kehjistan Ragged Coastline An ill-fated expedition has left Asa with a difficult responsibility. 
Strange Remedies Kehjistan Ragged Coastline  
Timely Correspondence Kehjistan Ragged Coastline Show the Waterstained Letter to Aih'Setal
Unsafe Travels Kehjistan Amber Sands A Kehijistani guide is plagued by troubles. 
Butchers of the North Kehjistan Amber Sands __description__
Symbol of Faith Kehjistan Amber Sands __description__
Desiccation Kehjistan Amber Sands An acolyte of Akarat seeks to aid the Zakarum Chapel
Mirage Kehjistan Amber Sands A strange figure beckons for you to follow them through the desert
The Pilgrim's Footsteps Kehjistan Amber Sands A book with a message for the faithful
In Desperate Times Kehjistan Caldeum __description__


Local Events in Diablo 4 are special optional Quests that players can complete to obtain rewards. World Events can be completed alone, but some of them, like bigger bosses, may require the cooperation of many players. Below you can see a list of all World Events in Diablo 4 and where to find them.


Where to Find Local Events

Local Events can be found in various fixed locations throughout the game world. These locations include large open areas as well as special settings like fortresses. When an event is available, an orange circle will appear in the area, and all objectives for the event will take place inside the circle. It's worth noting that circles in special zones tend to be larger.


Local Events Rewards

By participating in Local Events marked by orange circles in the game world of Diablo 4, you can earn various rewards. Each event has two objectives: a main objective and a mastery objective. Upon completing the main objective, you will receive gold, experience points, and a Greater Radiant Chest. The chest may contain crafting materials, gems, equipment, and Murmuring Obols, which can be used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities. If you complete the Mastery objective, the number of Murmuring Obols you receive will increase. While some events are timed and take only 2-4 minutes, others may require more time and effort to complete.




All Local Events in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, you can participate in Local Events marked by orange circles. These events offer small tasks that you can complete for rewards, and are the only way to obtain Murmuring Obols, which are used to gamble for items at the Purveyor of Curiosities.



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