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Rallying Cry

Rank 1/5


Cooldown: 25 seconds
Bellow a rallying cry, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%[+] and Resource Generation by 40%[+] for 6.0 seconds, and Nearby allies for 3.0 seconds.

physical damage icon diablo iv wikiDeals Physical Damage

Rallying Cry is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo 4. Rallying Cry allows Barbarians to let out a rallying cry that boosts them movement speed and resource generation, as well as nearby allies' movement speed for a duration.


Rallying Cry Diablo 4 Information

Rallying Cry belongs to the Barbarian class Skill Tree, and is part of the Defensive Cluster.

Active Skills can be ranked up to Rank 5. Players can also Enhance and then Upgrade the skill to add new features to its effects.

Active Skills are represented by big square icons in the Skill Tree menu.


Rallying Cry Effects in Diablo 4

Rallying Cry can be upgraded up to Rank 5, by spending more skill points. Upgrading Rallying Cry will further increase its benefits depending on its rank:

Rank 1:
  • Resource Generation Bonus triangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15px40% [x]
Rank 2:
  • Resource Generation Bonus triangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15px44% [x]
Rank 3:
  • Resource Generation Bonus triangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15px48% [x]
Rank 4:
  • Resource Generation Bonus triangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15px52% [x]
Rank 5:
  • Resource Generation Bonus triangle improve icon diablo4 wiki guide 15px56% [x]


Diablo 4 Enhance & Upgrade for Rallying Cry

You can Enhance Rallying Cry to add the following effects:

After enhancing Rallying Cry, you may also Upgrade it, to get the following effects depending on the upgrade you selected. You may only choose 1 of these:

  • Strategic Rallying Cry: Rallying Cry grants you 10% Base Life as Fortify. While Rallying Cry is active, you gain an additional 2% Base Life as Fortify each time you take or deal direct damage.
  • Tactical Rallying Cry: Rallying Cry generates 20 Fury and grants you an additional 20%[x] Resource Generation.

Enhancements and Upgrades are represented by diamond shaped icons in the Skill Tree menu


Builds that use Rallying Cry in Diablo 4

Rallying Cry is used in the following Builds:


Diablo 4 Rallying Cry Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Tips for Rallying Cry goes here


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