Renown in Diablo 4 is a system of Goals and Rewards added to the game in order to encourage Players to explore the game world and engage into activities that may not be directly related to game Main Quests. Renown consists in earning Renown Points by completing certain activities to then obtain rewards once the player reaches certain Goals according to the amount of collected Renown Points.


Renown Points & Objectives in Diablo 4

There are certain objetives that the player can complete in order to gain Renown Points, the more challenging the objective, the more amount of Renown Points the player will earn:

  • Entering a new area grants 2 Renown Points
  • Activating the Altars of Lilith grants 10 Renown Points
  • Unlocking Waypoints grants 20 Renown Points
  • Completing a Side Quest grants 20 Renown Points
  • Completing a Dungeons grants 30 Renown Points
  • Completing a Strongholds grants 100 Renown Points


Diablo 4 Renown Progress & Hardcore

All the characters of a same account will share their Renown Progress. Meaning that every Renown Reward obtained by one of them, will grant the same Reward to all of them, but completing the same Objective with different characters won't repeatedly grant you Renown Points.

However, the Renown Progress is NOT shared between Hardcore difficulty and Non-Hardcore difficulty, including Renown Rewards. Every progress made in Non-Hardcore difficulty must be made again in Hardcore difficulty to obtain the Renown Rewards.

Renown Goals & Rewards in Diablo 4

There is an order of Goals that the player can achieve to gain the following Rewards, once the player reaches the first Goal, Renown Points are exchanged and the next Goal will become active, but your collected Renown Points will be lost. Goals & Rewards vary according to the region where the objectives are completed.

Once you've amassed enough Renown points, a range of rewards can be unlocked. However, to access the level 4 and 5 rewards, you must first unlock World Tier 3. All the rewards you'll receive are listed here, along with the number of points required to advance to the next level.

Renown Points Req.
Character Rewards
Account Rewards
1 200 Bonus XP and 3,000 Gold 1 Skill Point
2 500 Bonus XP and 10,000 Gold 1 Potion Charge
3 800 Bonus XP and 25,000 Gold 1 Skill Point
4 1100 Bonus XP and 60,000 Gold 80 Max Obols
5 1500 Bonus XP and 1500,000 Gold 4 Paragon Points



Diablo 4 Regions Renown Goals and Rewards

Goals and Rewards are divided between Regions. Each region has their own list of goals and rewards, and they also have each their own pool of Renown Points. The amount Renown Points available in each region is more than enough to achieve up to the last goal and obtain all the Renown Rewards of the Region. Meaning that players are not forced to complete everyt Renown Point earning activity, and they are able to have a preference whether of which activity is more fun, more rewarding or faster to complete. 


Fractured Peaks Region

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks region availabel content:


Fractured Peaks Waypoints

If you want to traverse the Fractured Peaks region more efficiently, then using waypoints is the way to go. These special points allow you to move around the area faster, making it easier to reach your destinations. Additionally, having knowledge of the most important waypoints can help you reach key events, such as World Boss battles, more quickly. In the Fractured Peaks, there are 7 waypoints scattered across the region waiting to be discovered.

  • Margrave: Located in the city, in the south-western part of the Dobrev Taiga.
  • Yelesna: Located in the city, in the southwestern part of the Galle Valley.
  • Nevesk: Located in the city, in the southwestern part of the Desolate Highlands.
  • Kyovashad: Located in the city, in the north-eastern part of the Desolate Highlands.
  • Menestad: Located in the city, in the western part of the Sarkova Pass.
  • Bear Tribe Refuge: Located in the city, in the northwestern part of the Seat of Heaven.
  • Nostrava: Located in the STronghold.


Fractured Peaks Strongholds in Diablo 4

Whether you are in search of rare and valuable loot, or simply want to make the world a safer place, the Strongholds offer an experience that should not be missed. If you are a fan of challenge and adventure, then the Strongholds are the perfect destination for you in Diablo 4.

Nostrava Stronghold
  • Fractured Peaks is a region in Diablo 4, and to the west of Kyovashad lies Nostrava, a Stronghold with a recommended level of 20 or higher. In this Stronghold, players are tasked with investigating the village and conversing with the Priestess to progress through the game.
Kor Dragan Stronghold
  • To the northwest of Kyovashad lies Kor Dragan, a stronghold in Fractured Peaks that caters to players at level 25 and beyond. Upon completion of all objectives, players can access a unique zone event called The Gathering Legions in Diablo 4.
Malnok Stronghold
  • The Stronghold called Malnok is situated east of Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks. It is available to players who are level 20 or higher. Your task in this Stronghold is to locate and defeat the Ice Clan Stormcallers, who are the source of the blizzard.



Fractured Peaks Side Quests in Diablo 4

 You can find available quests on the map marked with a large blue exclamation point: !

Once you accept a quest, a secondary objective is marked with either a blue circle on the map to indicate the general location you need to go, or blue diamond icons to indicate a specific object, target, or location to track. Complete Side Quests List:


Fractured Peaks Areas Discovered in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, you can discover an entire zone and receive Renown in the process. Each zone is divided into multiple locations that need to be uncovered. You can simply search for the locations on the map that are blurred. Once you have reached an undiscovered location, it will be immediately revealed. In the Fractured Peaks, you can uncover 77 locations.


Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Dungeons

In Diablo 4, dungeons are divided into normal and nightmare dungeons. During the leveling phase, you will complete the normal dungeons, which not only provide 20 Renown but also equipment and Imprints (enchantments for your equipment, similar to Kanai's Cube in D3).

In each dungeon, only 1 to 2 types of monsters appear, and you must complete 2 to 3 primary tasks to finish a dungeon. Some dungeons can only be accessed during the main quest or after you have conquered a base.


All Fractured Peaks Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4

Altars of Lilith are secret structures scattered throughout the world that grant permanent Attribute bonuses to your character, boosting their overall strength. While some are easy to discover as you venture forward, others are located in hard-to-reach areas, requiring you to delve deep into the uncharted corners of Sanctuary. Unearthing each of these Altars can take considerable time and effort, but it is a worthwhile investment as the rewards are significant.


  • Each discovered Altar of Lilith improves one of the following stats: +2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, +2 Willpower, +2 Dexterity and +8 Maximum Life.
  • Every Altar adds 5 Renown and experience to the Character that picks it up.
  • The bonuses are fixed for each Altar.
  • Found Altar locations are displayed on the map, but not shared across characters.
  • In this Region you can find 28 Altars of Lilith


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