Sigil Powder

Rare Crafting Material
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Type Salvaged Material
A mysterious powder that can be compressed into relics inviting peril for greater challenges and rewards.

Sigil Powder is a Salvaged Material in Diablo 4. Sigil Powder is a enigmatic substance that can be compressed into relics, tempting danger for greater risks and rewards. Salvaged Materials are crafting components salvaged from items and used to upgrade armor, weapons, and jewelry, as well as re-roll stats or create Sigils.



How to get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4

Sigil Powder can be obtained:

  • Can be obtained by using the Occultist to salvage nightmare sigils of any tier.


Sigil Powder Crafting Uses in Diablo 4


Diablo 4 Sigil Powder Notes & Lore

  • Other Notes & Lore for Sigil Powder goes here



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