Sorceress Conjuration Skills in Diablo 4 are spells that are not cast directly to enemies, but instead in an area or direction. These Sorceress Conjuration Skills may search for Enemies to attack or cover an Area of Effect (AoE). There are 4 Sorceress Conjuration Skills in Diabo IV, and these are: Frost Nova, Lighting Spear, Ice Blades and Hydra. Below you can see what each of these Sorceress Defensive Skills do and how they can help you fight the forces of evil:


Sorceress Conjuration Skills


frost_nova_skill_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guideFrost Nova


Cooldown: 24 seconds
Unleash a torrent of frost, Freezing nearby enemies.

lightning_spear_skill_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guideLightning Spear


Cooldown: 20 seconds
Conjure a crackling spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6 seconds, dealing X damage per hit.
lightning_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Lightning Damage

ice_blades_skill_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guideIce Blades


Mana Cost: 20
Conjure ice blades for 12 seconds that rapidly slash enemies for X damage and Chill.
cold_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Cold Damage



Cooldown: 20 seconds
Summon a three headed hydra for 12 seconds. Each head spits fire at a nearby enemy dealing X damage.
fire_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Fire Damage


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