Sorceress Fire Talent Tree in Diablo 4 are passive abilities that focus around increasing fire damage and decreasing incoming fire damage. There are 7 Sorceress Fire Talents: Char to Ash, Soulfire, Burning Resonance, Blaze of Glory, Devouring Flames, Endless Pyre and Conflagration. Each talent can be upgraded up to level 5 increasing its effectiveness. Below you can see a list of all Sorceress Fire Talents:

Sorceress Fire Talent Tree


char_to_ash_talent_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guide_50pxChar to Ash


Fire damage is increased by X% each second, up to X%. This effect resets when you take damage.



Fire damage is increased by X% after standing still for 1.5 seconds. Moving cancels this effect.

burning_resonance_talent_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guide_50pxBurning Resonance


Hit Effect: Damaging a burning enemy has up to 25% chance to restore X% mana.

blaze_of_glory_talent_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guide_50pxBlaze of Glory


Fire critical strike damage is increased by X%. In addition, burning enemies deal X% less to you.

devouring_flames_talent_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guide_50pxDevouring Flames


Each source of burning on an enemy increases the direct damage of your fire spells by 2% up to X%.

endless_pyre_talent_sorceress_diablo_4_wiki_guide_50pxEndless Pyre


Burning effects deal an additional X%. for each second the target remains burning, up to X%.
You can only pick 1 talent in this tier.



Your direct fire damage deals an additional X% damage to burning targets.
You can only pick 1 talent in this tier.


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