Sorceress Mastery Skills in Diablo 4 are powerful spells that affect an Area of Effect (AoE). These Sorceress Mastery Skills are specially useful to destroy large groups of enemies. There are 3 Sorceress Mastery Skills in Diabo IV, and these are: Firewall, Nova and Meteor. Below you can see what each Sorceress Mastery Skills do and how they can help you fight the forces of evil:


Sorceress Mastery Skills




Mana Cost: 40
Creates a wall of flames dealing X damage to enemies over 8 seconds.
fire_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Fire Damage




After spending 145 mana, you unleash a burst of lightning that deals X damage.
This is a passive only effect.
lightning_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Lightning Damage




Mana Cost: 40
Summon a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing X damage. The ground burns for X damage over 3 seconds.
fire_damage_icon_diablo_4_wiki_guideDeals Fire Damage




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