The Blacksmith in Diablo 4 is an essential NPC that plays a crucial role in the progression of your character's power. As you travel through the game, your gear will inevitably wear out, and that's where the Blacksmith comes in. They are located in major towns and settlements in Sanctuary and offer a variety of services, including repairing your gear, salvaging items into Crafting Materials, and upgrading your Weapons and Armor.
Upgrading your gear's Item Power is particularly important as it increases their stats, making you stronger and more capable of taking on tougher enemies. You'll be spending a lot of time at the Blacksmith, especially during downtime, sorting through your loot and upgrading new pieces of gear. Don't forget, every time you die, your gear's Durability takes a hit, so make sure you have enough Gold to repair it at the Blacksmith.


All Blacksmith Services in Diablo 4


How to unlock the Blacksmith

When you hit level 10, you'll receive a Priority Quest to meet Zivek the Blacksmith in Kyovashad and upgrade a piece of gear. This task grants you experience points, but the real prize is discovering the NPC who will become one of your most frequent stops as you advance through Sanctuary. Upgrading your gear and salvaging items for Crafting Materials are critical to your progression in the game.

Additionally, every time you die, your gear loses 1/10th of its Durability. When this Durability hits zero, your item's bonuses are partially disabled, making you much weaker. Therefore, it's essential to keep your gear in good condition.

You can find Blacksmiths throughout the game's various towns, outposts, and Strongholds, so you don't have to return to Kyovashad every time you need the Blacksmith's services.


Salvaging Items

Breaking down an item that you no longer need is called salvaging and it gives you Crafting Materials that can be used to upgrade the same type of item. The rarity of the item determines the rarity and amount of materials you receive. Moreover, if the item was upgraded, some of the used upgrade materials are also recovered. Any Gems socketed into the item are also returned to your inventory. An important benefit of salvaging is that it unlocks the item's Transmog.

You have the option to quickly salvage all items in your inventory except for Legendaries, Uniques, and items that have been altered in some way, such as being enchanted, socketed, or transmogged. You can also mark individual items as "Junk" using a hotkey and then salvage all of them at once when you visit the Blacksmith, but the same restrictions apply. Good inventory management can save you a lot of time and streamline your gameplay experience.


Repairing Gear

The dangers of Sanctuary can be unforgiving, and even the mightiest heroes may fall in battle. When your character meets their untimely demise, your equipped Armor and Weapons will suffer a loss of 10% Durability. As your gear takes more damage, the Gold cost to repair them will also increase. The Blacksmith offers a convenient option to repair all of your equipment at once or individual pieces, so you can quickly get back into the action. It's important to keep your gear in good condition, as once their Durability hits 0, they are considered broken and must be repaired before you can use them again. Be mindful of this fact as you venture further into the world of Sanctuary.


Upgrading Armor and Weapons

As you progress through the game, you'll discover that the gear you find along the way is only the beginning of your character's journey. Upgrading is the key to enhancing your equipment's power, but it comes with a cost in Gold and materials that increases with each upgrade. Only Rare, Legendary and Unique items are worth the investment, as upgrading Common and Magic items is a waste of resources.

The benefits of upgrading are significant. Each time you upgrade an item, its Item Power increases by 5, and the affix stats as well as the base Armor and Weapon Damage will improve. This is particularly important for reducing incoming damage and maximizing your Skill damage, ultimately helping you to progress further in the game.


Iron Chunk Common 1 WeaponJewelry
Rawhide Common 1 Armor
Silver Ore Magic 2 WeaponJewelry
Superior Leather Magic 2 Armor
Veiled Crystal Rare 3 WeaponArmorJewelry
Baleful Fragment Legendary 4 Weapon
Coiling Ward Legendary 4 Armor
Abstruse Sigil Legendary 4 Jewelry
Forgotten Soul Legendary 5 WeaponArmorJewelry





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