The Kealer Farm

Region Scosglen

The Kealer Farm is a Location in Diablo 4. The Kealer Farm is located at Scosglen region. There are different regions that players can explore to find various World Events, Enemies, Dungeons, Bosses, NPCs and Equipment.


The Kealer Farm Information

The Kealer Farm is located north-west of Corbach. The farm has been destroyed and is currently occupied by forces of evil.


The Kealer Farm NPCs & Merchants

  • There aren't any NPCs at this Location.


The Kealer Farm Quests, Dungeons and World Events


  • ??


  • ??

World Events:


Enemies & Bosses in The Kealer Farm



  • Boss 1


The Kealer Farm Lore & Tips

  • Lore & Tips about the Location


The Kealer Farm Map



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