While Unstoppable, control impairing effects are removed and prevented.

Unstoppable is a Status Ailment in Diablo 4. Status Ailments are conditions that can be applied to both Enemies and Players by using Skills, Talents, Weapon Modifiers, Runes, etc. Below you can see a detailed description on what Unstoppable does and how to trigger it.



Diablo 4 Unstoppable Information

  • While Unstoppable, control impairing effects are removed and prevented.



Skills, Stats & Weapons that provide Unstoppable in Diablo 4

The following Skills provide Unstoppable



The following Equipment provide Unstoppable


  • Snowveiled Adventurer's Pants
  • Ghostwalker Boneweave Treads

Legendary Aspects

  • Ghostwalker Boneweave Treads - While unstoppable and for four seconds after you gain [10-25]% increased movement speed, and can move freely through enemies


Diablo 4 Unstoppable Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore for Unstoppable goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Need an update on "Exploiter's" imbuement that can deal extra damage to unstoppable enemies. Are World Bosses unstoppable, or are they just immune to crowd control? Would the Exploiter's affix on a weapon or armor cause the boss to take extra damage?

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