Utility in Diablo 4 includes stats doesn't directly contribute to your damage or your defenses, but provide a tactical or strategic benefit to your character and/or group. These Utility skills can include defensive abilities like Cooldown Reduction, Crowd Control abilities like freezing or immobilizing, and mobility abilities like teleportation or Movement Speed. In addition to these Utility skills, there are also Utility items that you can find in the game, such as potions and traps, that provide similar tactical benefits.

Utility skills and items are important for success in Diablo 4, as they can help you survive tough situations, control groups of enemies, and increase your movement and exploration speed. By effectively utilizing these skills and items, you can increase your chances of success in the game.


Utility In Diablo 4  

Resource Cost Reduction

This stat can roll on an Amulet and it comes in three different flavors: Fury, Energy, or Mana. As the name suggests it reduces the cost of your skills. We don't know how this stat would stack because we only found it on the Amulets.


Implicit Stats on Boots and Pants

High level Legendary Pants and Boots have unique stats that are distinct from the other stats available on these items. When it comes to these items, you have the potential to obtain one of three specific effects:

For Boots:

These special stats are related to the skill called "Evade." This skill is accessible to all characters and allows them to swiftly dash in a chosen direction, with a fixed 5-second cooldown.

  • +1 Max Evade Charge
  • Evade Briefly Grants +40% Movement Speed
  • Attacks Reduce Evade's Cooldown by 1 Second
For Pants:

Pants have stats that buff your Healing Vial

  • Your Potion Also Grants 30% Maximum Life as Barrier
  • Your Potion Also Restores 30% Resource
  • Your Potion Also Grants 30% Movement Speed


+Skill Ranks

Gloves, Helmets, and Focuses (Sorcerer Only) can give you extra ranks in a certain Skill or even in an entire skill category such as Core Skills or Agility Skills (Rogue Only). These ranks work the same way as the ones you put in your Skill Tree, usually increasing the skill's damage by 10% of its rank 1 value or decreasing it's cooldown by 5%.


Movement Speed

Determines how fast you can move. You can also get +% Movement Speed affix on boots.


Shrine Buff Duration

This stats found on the Boots makes effects of various Shrines found in the world last longer.


Crowd Control Duration Bonus

This stat can roll on Amulet and Focus (Sorcerer only). It increases the duration of all Crowd Control effects that you can apply to enemies. These effects include Slow, Chill, Daze, Stun, Freeze, Immobilize, Taunt, and Knock Down.


Control Impaired Duration Reduction

 This stat is found on the Chest and it reduces the duration of Crowd Control effects that enemies apply to you.


Maximum Resource

This stat gives a flat bonus to your Maximum Resource. It can roll on Rings and, similar to Resource Cost Reduction, it comes in three different variations depending on your class.


Cooldown Reduction

This stat reduces cooldowns of your active skills, as well as Charge Cooldowns of skills with charges. You can get Cooldown Reduction on your Helmet, Focus (Sorcerer only), or on a unique Amulet we found (Melted Heart of Selig). Cooldown Reduction from different sources stacks multiplicatively. 




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