Weapons in Diablo 4 are equipment that is used to inflict damage on Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are categorized into groups.Each group possess different base abilities and different random modifiers providing with many different options for the player.

Each Region has his own style of type of weapons, that looks like they belong to that specific place.

Weapons can be obtained as Enemy or Boss drops, inside chests/crates that the player can open around the world and dungeons, they can be purchased from Merchants, and can be Crafted by using various Crafting Materials.

Diablo 4 Affixes

Affixes are special modifiers that certain Weapons possess. There are three types of affixes

Regular Affixes: The most common type. Every Weapon that has an affix has one of these.

Legendary Affixes:  There is one per Legendary item. It is about 2-3x times more powerful than a Regular affix; can be extracted by an Occultist NPC into a Legendary Aspect and used to upgrade another item.

Unique Affixes:There is one per Unique item. It is by far the most powerful affix; only one Unique item can be equipped per character.

Diablo 4 Rarities

Weapons can drop in different rarities, each providing more or less random modifiers depending on the rarity:

  • Normal: They don't have any random modifier.
  • Magic: They may provide up to 2 extra random affixes.
  • Rare: They may provide up to 5 extra random affixes.
  • Legendary: They may provide up to 5 extra random modifiers. 1 Legendary Affix and 4 regular random affixes.
  • Unique: They may provide up to 6 extra random affixes. 1 Unique Affix and 5 regular random affixes.

 Diablo 4 available weapon types per class

Class 1 Handed Axe 2 Handed Axe 1 Handed Sword 2 Handed Sword 1 Handed Mace 2 Handed Mace 1 Handed Scythe 2 Handed Scythe Dagger Polearm Wand Staff Bow Crossbow Offhand Shield
Barbarian XX X XX X XX X       X            
Druid X X     X X           X     X  
Necromancer     X X     X X     X X     X X
Rogue     XX           XX       X X    
Sorcerer                   X X     X  

Sacred and Ancestral Items

Once players reach level 50, and enter World Tier III Nightmare difficulty, a new quality of items may drop called Sacred Items. These items have increased roll affixes. They start dropping during this difficulty only, and can be recognized by the golden glow in the upper-section of the icon. Their level starts at level 50.

On the other hand, once players reach level 70, and at World Tier IV Torment difficulty, Ancestral Items will start dropping. These items start dropping during this difficulty, and can be recognized by an orange glow in the upper section of the icon. Their base level starts at level 70. The roll affixes of these items is even higher of Sacred Items.



All Diablo 4 Unique Weapons



ancients oath unique two handed axes diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
Ancients' Oath

Two-Handed Axe

hellhammer unique two handed mace diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px

Two-Handed Mace


overkill unique two handed mace diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px

Two-Handed Mace


greatstaff of the crone unique two handed staves diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
Greatstaff of the Crone

Two-Handed Staff


doombringer unique swords diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px



fields of crimson unique two handed sword diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
Fields of Crimson

Two-Handed Sword

the grandfather unique two handed sword diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
The Grandfather

Two-Handed Sword


black river unique scythes diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
Black River


bloodless scream unique two handed scythes diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px
Bloodless Scream

Two-Handed Scythe


flamescar unique wands diablo4 wiki guide 122x182px









All Diablo 4 Super Unique Weapons

Super Unique Weapons are Rare weapons that drop exclusively from Super Unique Monsters, which are elite monsters that can be found on fixed areas of the map.

Weapon Categories in Diablo 4

This page displays a list of all the known Weapons in Diablo 4. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below.









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