Location Kyovashad
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Zivek is an NPC in Diablo 4. Zivek can be found at Kyovashad. Zivek is a Blacksmith whom player can interact with to repair their Equipment, upgrade their Weapons, or to salvage items to obtain Crafting Materials from them. 


Diablo 4 Zivek Information

  • Is a Blacksmith players can interact with to upgrade their Weapons
  • Players can also visit Ziveck to repair their Gear
  • Zivek can also salvage items to obtain Materials from them.


Where to find Zivek in Diablo 4

Zivek can be found at:


Diablo 4 Zivek Quests

  • __quests__


Zivek Notes and Lore

  • Notes & Lore go here


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